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Mental Vomit

Well, here I am again… about to make an excuse about why its been a while since my last blog. Truth is, I’ve been very busy and for good reason. Midterms have been going on for the past week and a half. I have one more to take on Thursday then spring break begins! So far, I’ve made a 100, 100, 93, and 90. So I guess all that studying paid off (and yes I am bragging because this is the first time in my 2 ½ years of college that I’ve made a 100 on tests) Anyway, I’d just be writing about A-Rod anyway… so you didn’t miss much haha

So, this blog is going to be a mixture of things, a mental vomit of sorts…

Alex Rodriguez

Who else could I start with? I actually uttered the words “I feel sorry for Alex” a few times on the past few episodes of A Show of Their Own. Whoa, did I really say that? I mean this is the guy I HATED when he first came to New York. I felt like he was going to push Jeter to the side and become the new golden boy (gee how wrong I was). Seriously though, I was so mad when A-Rod first came to NY, then when I realized he wasn’t going to steal Jeter’s job I was ok with him… then I started to hate him again after the Toronto stripper incident, because I think Cynthia Rodriguez (or whatever she calls herself now) is the coolest baseball wife ever. Then all was forgiven again with Alex. Now, I’m hurt he did steroids and lied, but I feel bad for him at the same time. This guy just cannot catch a break. Truth is, if he would have told the truth this would have all blown over a lot faster, but he decided to lie and he should know journalists are always in pursuit of the truth and they will uncover it… geez Alex come on!

All that being said, I think I had a pretty decent rant about Alex on the last two episodes of A Show of Their Own. Since I cant remember what all I said, I’d urge you to go take a listen… you’re bound to disagree with me, but maybe you agree who knows.

Alex has hired another guy to manage this circus… Alex look at me in the eyes right now… JUST HIRE ME AND I WILL FIX EVERYTHING, HEY I KNOW WE ARE IN A RESESSION, I’LL WORK FOR FREE! Seriously Alex, I can help plus it would look good for you to hire me, just think about it. I’ve given him so much free positive press I think he owes me, just kidding. Brian Cashman

I understand that baseball is a business. I also understand that if you want your “assets” to do well, you need to act like you give a crap about them. How COLD was Cash-money at the press conference? True, Alex’s fake crying did see contrived, but still… show the guy and the media that you support him. Put your hand on his shoulder for a millisecond or something GAH!!! It just seems very counterproductive to me. Cash-money knows that Alex needs others to like him and he needs the affection of others, Alex needed cash-money to show some sympathy towards the situation rather than just sitting there looking like an evil puffed up bullfrog. And what is this “asset” deal? He’s still a human being, cash… sooo sooo cold. Poor Alex (see, this is why I feel bad for the cheater). FYI: Bald Vinny has a hilarious shirt about Alex if you are anti-alex or anti-cheater or just find this whole situation hilarious. http://baldvinny.com/

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is the media KING. Seriously, he will never look bad in the media, unless he does something stupid during a game, other than that… Jeter can do no wrong basically. So, Jeter is mad at Alex, but supports him at the first time. And this is not a steroid era… not everyone is doing it. I don’t think everyone is doing it, but there is a high enough percentage that is… other wise this whole congress messing with baseball wouldn’t exist. Whatever… I’m so over steroids. I just want to get back to baseball, please for sake of the game!

Nick Swisher

Is quickly becoming my new favorite Yankee! I think he’s taking over Giambi’s old role in the clubhouse… clubhouse clown or something like that. I guess its from all those years in easy going Cali, at least that’s what Lisa (girlybaseballchick.mlblogs.com) thinks. Girardi cancelled workouts today and took the guys to play pool… Good for him, finally he’s figuring out that it doesn’t do anyone any good being so serious 100% of the time.

Spring Training

Games start Wednesday! Brett Tomko will be the starter. I’m personally looking forward to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s games… Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain will be the respective starters. I’m really keen on Austin Romine. I saw him in Charleston last year and he is a great catcher in my opinion… its just a matter of adjusting to major league pitchers. But that’s not to say he will be with the Yankees anytime soon… he’s got a lot of time to develop and such.


FINAL WHISPER: I’m addicted to XtraNormal.com now… you can all thank Jane for my stupid videos haha just kidding. Seriously though, I got another one on the way…

Oh, For all you Joey Salvia fans out there, Joey will be appearing on The Brew and Bill Show tonight at 10pm, so go to BrewandBillShow.com for more information!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,



Beautiful Sunset

TMKS.jpgThere are only 2 words to describe yesterday… “NO WAY” Yesterday, Joey Salvia was our guest on A Show of Their Own. The interview was very informative and fun. Joey is so suave and easy to talk to. If you want to listen to the interview, click here.

Before our show went on air, my co-host, Bern told me that Joey Salvia and Michael Kay mentioned us on air. I was like NO WAY! I usually listen to the show via live streaming on the web. Monday, however, I didn’t catch the show. I was cooking dinner for my Mom, Dad, and Aunt. Bern said it was a short little quip about the show right before they went to an ESPN news break. That’s fine with me… it made my day! To know that my heroes (Kay, Salvia, la Greca) are vaguely aware of me brings a smile to my face. It’s the sports broadcasting equivalent of William Shakespeare asking if some lowly aspiring writer read Hamlet… I’m simply trying to say, Monday was a big day. It really meant a lot that they would even mention this small show I created 9 months ago on air. I cannot thank Joey Salvia enough.

I’ll be back with some Yankees blogs in a few hours….

Final Whisper: NO WAY!!! To purchase Joey Salvia’s new album “Long Lost Weekend” click here.


Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Title Courtesy of Joey Salvia “Long Lost Weekend”

Been Down so Long

It has been far too long since I last blogged here. Sorry for the delay, but it’s the end of the semester… so I’ve been busy. Since my last blog many things have happened. Mike Mussina retired, CC Sabathia was offered a LOT of money, and Hal Steinbrenner was named owner of the Yankees. Not to mention, “A Show of Their Own” has really started to take off.

It amazes me how far Bern and I have come in such a short time. It was merely 9 months ago that Bern and I produced our first show. We have a pretty good size following during the season. The off season brings staggering numbers, but that is expected. Quickly, let me do some shameless self-promoting…


joey salvia.jpgJoey Salvia
, singer, songwriter, and radio personality will join the show Monday, November 24th at 9:00 pm EST. Joey is a fixture on “The Michael Kay Show (TMKS), on 1050 ESPN Radio in NYC and XM channel 141. Joey will talk to us about his new CD (Long Lost Weekend) and about his role on the radio show. Michael Kay is my career hero. I plan on taking his job one day 😉 so to be able to talk to someone who works with Michael Kay is awesome. Not to mention, Joey Salvia has been great to me and Bern! He’s always willing to give us some advice on MySpace. I suggest you all look him up on iTunes. My two favorite songs joey sings are “Hooked Again” and “Ebbets Field.” I can’t wait to buy his new CD, “Long Lost Weekend.”

Lisa Winston.jpgLisa Winston,
MLB.com reporter will join the show Monday December 1st at 9:00 pm EST. Lisa is the host of MLB.com’s Around the Minors as well as a Minor League correspondent for the channel. She covered the Yankees in the Arizona Fall League, so that should be interesting.

Jalal leach.jpgJalal Leach
former Yankees farm hand and San Francisco Giant will join the show on December 8th at 9:00 pm EST. Jalal will be a great interview, I’m sure. Everyone who we’ve talked to about him coming on the show have had nothing but praise for Jalal. So, I’m extremely excited about chatting with him. Jalal also started The Baseball Mentoring Program Inc.


Then we have Richard Goodis, blogger on the show December 15th, again at 9:00pm EST. Richard has a site called The Sporting Muse. Richard offers some great insights into the wide world of sports. Not to mention, he’s pretty witty. Check his work out at: www.TheSportingMuse.com


Final Whisper: I’m BACK!! Tune in to A Show of Their Own every Monday at 9 pm EST So concludes my shameless self-promotion, for now…


Baseball Nerdish as Always,

~ Brit

Title courtesy of The Doors