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Living on a Prayer


power_of_prayer.jpgDear God:

This is Brit, you know, the Yankees fan. I don’t know if you surf the web, but if you do… I’d like to write this open prayer-letter to you. I know you’ve heard this same dialog half a million times now from me, but I figure if I write it down and put it on this blog it will be on here forever and I can stop bothering you every day with the same requests.

God, I know I always say, “If you let the Yankees win this time, I’ll stop bothering you about sports” only to say it again the next day, week, or season. But this time, I’m serious… If you help me out with these twelve requests, I will stop bothering you with baseball prayers, I’ll help the poor, nurture the sick, whatever you want me to do…

1. I want to personally ask you to make this spring training go by fast. I’m sick of writing about Alex Rodriguez, steroids, shady cousins, and disappointed players and fans. This plea is purely selfish; true I want the best for Alex, but honestly…

I need something to blog about other than Alex. I also would like to get through an episode of A Show of Their Own without mentioning the “S-word,” (steroids). I think the faster these pointless (well pointless to fans) exhibition games are over and real baseball starts everything will blow over. The media will have a pennant race to write about, injuries to report, and quotes about the game to record. They will have little interest in steroids, at least that’s what I’m hoping.

2. I want to get back to baseball, the actual game, not all the off field drama. What ever happened to the good old days where baseball players were baseball players, not Hollywood celebrities with a gang of paparazzi surrounding them. I want to return to that time. Why does it matter who’s dating what model or who’s living’ it up in some club? That’s the players’ business, not ours. Sure, its fun to see a different side of the players. It makes me feel like I know the players on a more personal level, but I don’t think this celebrity worship is good for baseball.

3. Please give Derek Jeter the range, strength, power, and speed to play shortstop until he’s 100 years old. I just cannot imagine a world without Jeter at short. You allowed me to “come up” with Jeter, Mo, and Posada and so, I think it would be really cruel for them to be taken away from me.

4. Please help Girardi see that Joba needs to be in the bullpen, forever. He’s not a starting pitcher, not in the majors. Help Girardi, Cashman, Steinbrenner, and et. al. see that Joba can help us more if he comes out of the pen. It would make more sense to have Joba come out of the pen for 65 games or so and help us win games with his power pitching rather than him start for 30 games and get taken out after 3 or 4 innings because everyone knows what he’s got and he’s not letting the ball fly.

5. Also, God… Please help our young pitchers. Hughes and Kennedy especially. I really think they can be great starters for us down the stretch, but I want to see them in the minors to start the year. Make them earn their way back up to the majors with good old fashion hard work and scoreless innings. I know they can do it, they’ve done it before. Oh, also, please keep Phil Hughes in triple-A until July 1st (you know why).

6. Please help Jason Johnson overcome his battle with cancer. He seemed to be working really hard to get back to the majors with the Yankees this year and I don’t want him to not be able to accomplish that.

7. Please help Edwar Ramirez gain some weight. It worries me to watch him pitch. If a line drive ever hit him square, he’d probably die. I think the ball would actually pass through his body… that’s how tiny he is.

8. Help Wang, Posada, and Matsui heal completely. If we want to win this year, we need them to be on top of their game! How cool is it that our Ace from the last few years is now our number 3 starter!

9. Please give Nick Swisher patience. I don’t know what Girardi has in store for Nick, but I like this guy. He’s like a miniature version of Giambi. Very spunky. I don’t want him to get discouraged and lose his charm and personality in the club house.

10. Help A.J. and C.C. fit in perfectly with the team, perform well, and stay healthy.

11. Make the New York Media realize that C.C. would like the dots in his name since, in fact, it is the initials of his first and middle names.

12. Help the Yankees stay healthy and help the Yankees win the division and the World Series for the next 100 years in a row.

You’ve given me and the Yankees so much in the past, but I hope you will find it in you some where to grant me these twelve requests. I know I’m not the only Yankee fan praying for these things, so I hope you will take the other Yankees fans’ prayers in to account to.

——– Amen.



Monday on A Show of Their Own we are going to start off by discussing our Yankees New Year Resolutions. I don’t usually make resolutions; I’d just break them on January 2nd anyway. But, since my Yankees are involved I thought I’d give it a go.

So, without further ado, here are my 2009 Yankees New Year Resolutions:


madonna.jpg– I resolve to lay off the A-Rod & Madonna theories and jokes.

– I resolve to not care if Jeter ever gets married

– I resolve to make everyone else see how great a pitcher Phil Hughes is

– I resolve to not lust for Grady Sizemore during Yankees/Indians games

– I resolve to not yell at my television when I’m subject to watching Yankees/Red Sox games  on NESN

– I resolve to not to make fun of the NESN commentators accents.

– I resolve to stand strong and not buy every single novelty first season patch, coin, dirt, etc

– I resolve to not let fans from other teams get on my last nerve

– I resolve to learn more about our prospects

– I resolve to watch as much of the MLB Network as my life allows


Final Whisper: I think the last two resolutions are the only ones that stand a chance…


Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Poor Unfortunate Souls


mr t.jpg

It seems like that’s all I’ve said this off season. I’m so sick of people saying the Yankees buy World Series Championships.

As you all know, I live in central North Carolina… Atlanta Braves country. I hear it from EVERYONE and frankly, I’m sick of it.

Yes, the Yankees spent a boat load of money this off season and YES, we scooped up the best free agents on the market, but does that mean we are buying championships? NO… hello if that was the case A-Rod would have brought a championship to the Bronx by now.

Don’t hate on me and my team just because we can spend money. It’s not our fault you either root for a team who has a cheap Owner/GM and it’s not my problem that you root for a team that sucks so bad no one goes to the games or buys their apparel.

Commissioner Bud Selig just said a few weeks or so ago that this is the first time in a long time that the playing field has been level between small and large market teams. Baseball is not played on paper… as much as us statistic nerds would like to believe that it is.

Get over it already. Stop being jealous of my Yankees. It’s not our fault we ROCK.


Final Whisper:   26 and counting…


Baseball Nerdish as Always,



Cashman to NY Post:

“Being the Yankees’ GM is easy. I just listen to A Show of Their Own for all the answers!”

So, I’m pretty sure Brian Cashman or Mark Teixeira is a fan of “A Show of Their Own.” Last night, I asked for Tex to sign with the Yankees as my Yankees Christmas wish on air (Click HERE to listen). The next day, Tex is in pinstripes! Now Cashman, if you would just steal Grady Sizemore from the Indians, I’d be in a pinstriped heaven!


grady.pngOk, I’m sure the Yankees and Tex don’t get their career advice from a twenty year old chick in North Carolina, but I can dream right?


It really looked as if the Red Sox would end up with Tex. I know John Henry said the Red Sox wouldn’t be a factor, but he did leave the offer on the table, which, to me, seemed like he was bluffing. Every Yankees specialist fan I’ve spoken with said I should give up on Tex being a Yankee, but I prayed hard and a Christmas miracle transpired.

tex.jpg I plead my case for Tex last night on the air. Honestly, Tex is the only guy who made sense. Bobby Abreu is gone and he took his big bat with him. We had no one to fill the number three spot in the line up. We needed a big bat to protect A-Rod our clean up guy. I mean who would have been number three? I’d die if Manny ever donned the pinstripes!

The Options


x.jpgMaybe Xavier Nady – Not a bad choice, but Tex is an upgrade. Nady did well last year, but then had a period were he sort of fell off the face of the earth for a stretch towards the end of the year (but what Yankee didn’t).


godzilla.jpg Hideki Matsui – yea right, unless he returns to Godzilla form, but then he’d better serve as a 5 or 6 guy. Maybe even a number 7 guy. I’m not so sure Matsui will be with the big team all year, I say he lands on the 15-day DL at least once next year.


jopo.jpgJorge Posada – I actually started to laugh as I typed this one. Posada is too slow, he’s a catcher, come on. He’ll fill the 6th spot in the order.


robbie.jpgRobinson Cano
– Even though he’s been working in the Dominican this winter, he’s still not a viable number 3 guy. At his peak I see him as a 5 or 6 guy. This year, I think he’ll see a lot of time in the number 8 hole.


swish.jpgNick Swisher – I’m not even sure why he’s a Yankee to be honest. Trade bait now I guess. It seemed odd to me that the Yankees would have signed Swisher to play first base all year. The man said himself that he didn’t have much experience at 1B, but he’d try. Great, “try” that’s what we need coming back from a crap year and going into a new stadium, a guy to “try” to play 1B. Swisher didn’t actually say “try,” but that was the gist of his little speech. Anyway… (sorry I go off on tangents a lot) Swisher would be lucky to bat 9th in the Yankees line-up.



Melky puff.jpg

gardy.jpgMike Cameron/ Melky Cabrera / Brett Gardner – which ever guy we go with here, will bat 9th Maybe Cameron bats 7th or 8th, but not 3rd. It’s my belief that the Yankees will stick with Melky in CF until the CF savior Austin Jackson is ready to take over full time. Melky had a bad year this year, but I don’t think anyone should be counted out after one season. If he was in his late 30s or early 40s and he had such a bad year, I’d say sure get rid of him, but he’s only in his 20s. Keep the Melk Man, he’ll deliver… at some point. It’s also stupid of Cashman to trade for Cameron. Cashman keeps saying he wants to make the Yankees a younger team, but Cameron is no spring chicken. Why try one mediocre CF for an older mediocre centerfielder? If Cashman is going to talk the talk, he needs to walk the walk. I think the only reason the Yanks contemplated the trade was to appease CC. CC should have no say though. I don’t think CC demanded Cameron, but the Yankees knew they are buddies. Why does CC’s friendship with Cameron matter more than Cano and Melky’s friendship? Cano and Melky have been Yankees longer than CC. In my opinion CC has something to prove. Don’t get me wrong, I love CC and think he was a great acquisition. I also like the Cleveland Indians, so I know a thing or two about CC.



damon.jpgI’m not even going to bother writing Derek Jeter or Johnny Damon. If you think Jeter or Damon are 3 slot guys, then… I don’t know, you’re insane.

The Line-up Card

So, I’m going to go ahead and write it down, Girardi feel free to use this…

1 Damon – LF

2 Jeter – SS

3 Teixeira – 1B

4 Rodriguez – 3B

5 Nady – RF

6 Posada – C

7 Matsui – DH

8 Cano – 2B

9 Melky -CF


The Rotation  

 I’m happy about the pitching staff this year. I think this is the first year in a while where I feel confident in our starters AND our pen. A 10 million dollar deal is on the table for Andy Pettitte. He hasn’t accepted the offer yet and (although I love Andy) I hope he rejects the offer or the Yankees pull the offer. I know Pettitte has done a lot for the Yankees over the years, but he’s getting older, he’s worried about his elbow and back and frankly, so am I. It’s time for us to move on and go with the Young Guns.

Girardi… you can use this one too!

1 Sabathia

2 Burnett

3 Wang

4 Chamberlain

5 Hughes


In Other Yankees News…

Ex-Yankees Pitcher, Chris Britton recently signed with the Padres. I really hope this guy does well with the Padres. I hear he can hit bombs so hopefully that will manifest into something out west. I had the pleasure of meeting him in Charlotte, NC in 2007. He was one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. He’s like a big teddy bear, super fun guy. Chris Britton and Ruben Sierra are the two nicest baseball players I’ve met. Very fan friendly guys they are. Anyway… just wanted to say Good luck Chris!


Final Whisper: BIG thanks to Michelle Damon!!!!

Michelle Damon.jpgWithout her, CC may have went back to the Brewers or some other team that’s not the Yankees! So Michelle, thanks for showing Amber Sabathia that it IS possible to raise a  loving family in the New York area and showing her the way to Saks!  


the sabathia family.jpg 

Baseball Nerdish as Always,



I feel like reading a book now…