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End of an Era

By now everyone knows I created a show on BlogTalkRadio.com called “A Show of Their Own.” My co-host Bernadette and I have been doing the show for a year now and sadly the show was cancelled.

Bern and I have been dealing with a lot of behind-the-scenes drama. Most people already know what went on just by listening to the show, reading our blogs, and some past guest even received emails, which I find really disappointing.

If you don’t know what went down, I guess I could say egos got in the way of the show. Even though people want to place blame on others, ultimately it comes down to our egos and the fact that we were unwilling to get past the drama.

I’m sorry to bring personal issues to a baseball blog, but I had to get this out in the open because I feel I’ve come out looking like the bad guy when I simply tried to remove myself from the situation (and just not get involved) since I was being placed in the middle of everything.

I had ties to both sides and it really saddens me that things turned out the way they did because I enjoyed the show and it was something I was very proud of. It was an ugly divorce to say the least. I guess this is business though and I need to get used to disappointment now rather than getting hurt worse later on.

FINAL WHISPER: I can honestly say two great things came out of all of this… 1. I have enough material to create an air check to send to actual stations when I graduate from college with my BS in Broadcast Journalism… and  2. Now that the show is over, I’ll have more time to dedicate to this blog!

Baseball Nerdish as Always (but a little disappointed and sad),



Transcript from tonights show announcement

I know we joke around a lot on this show, we try to keep things as light as possible, but now comes the serious portion of the show.

I cannot believe this show has taken off the way it has. We have some of the best listeners two girls could ask for. Our guests are always awesome and Bern and Kary have also been great at getting this show off and running.

You may all have noticed that the show was a bit different tonight. Bern was lead the show. This show has meant the world to me this last year, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

That being said, April 5th will be my last day as host of A Show of Their Own. I’ll have more details for all of you on our April 5th show, but I just want to take this time to thank all of you for listening and encouraging us throughout our first year on air.

Kiss Kiss

So, the 50th episode of A Show of Their Own aired this past Sunday. It was probably the worst show for me. Bern did great, but my internet connection was not cooperating with me at all and I think I was on the show for a grand total of 5 minutes.


userpic-20391-250x250.pngI love doing the show, but sometimes I wonder if its all worth it. I don’t get paid for the show and I put a lot of work into it and feel like I get nothing in return. Sure, we’ve interviewed a lot of great people and I met Bill, the most awesome guy ever, through my show, so that’s all positive, but the behind-the-scenes stuff just sucks right now. Maybe I’m burned out or something, I don’t know, but at this point I wonder if all this stuff is worth my time and effort. The Yankees really should at least give me and Bern season tickets or something for all we do (just my humble suggestion though).

Anyway… lets get back to baseball.


So, Alex is nursing his hip and is said to be ahead of schedule. I love Alex, seriously… I want him to be the best person (not just player) that he can be. I feel like I need to go visit Alex and set him straight… I think I could give him better advice than the team of folks he has advising him now!


untitled.JPGHave you guys seen the latest picture of Alex? Bless his heart, he’s kissing himself in a mirror! ALEX, what are you doing buddy? I thought this rehab stint would help him get out of the public eye for a little bit, which would be the best thing for him at this point, but he goes out of his way to find the media. I guess its whatever floats your boat, but Alex, you can’t be serious… kissing yourself in a mirror?


bernie.jpgBernie Williams has been accused of slapping a woman in a Puerto Rican night club. Ok, I don’t know the truth here, but it’s my prerogative to believe Bernie is innocent on this one. I just can’t believe the mild mannered, soulful, Bernie Williams is a woman beater… just doest make sense to me. So, maybe I have an unhealthy relationship with Yankees players… but I refuse to believe someone I looked up to for the better part of my life could turn out to be some troll. I could be wrong, but I’m praying that I’m not.


gardy.jpgBrett Gardner is quickly becoming my favorite player. This guy has heart and its fun to watch him develop. As soon as he learns that he doesn’t need this big majestic homerun swing and starts putting the ball on the ground, he’ll be swell… So, Melky has him beat on arm strength, but Brett has more heart than Melky at the moment… plus Brett’s faster, which is something the Yankees need now because like it or not the game is changing and at some point they are going to have to learn to manufacture runs and not rely on the homeruns.

So, that’s my little spill for now.

FINAL WHISPER: I can’t wait for the actual season to start…

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


“A Show of Their Own” 50th episode on Sunday



When I first started “A Show of Their Own” I never thought it would catch on like it has. We’ve got hundreds of listeners and that still amazes me to this day. I can’t imagine why anyone would care to hear my Yankees opinions, but I’m not complaining.

The show has helped me meet so many wonderful people. The family, that is Yankees Universe, is an amazing thing to be a part of and I feel honored to be a member. We’ve still got a long way to go to make our show the best, but it’s a fun process. We’ve had some great guests on the show and we have the best listeners out there, I’m convinced. 

We’ve had groups of people come in our show’s chat room and go, only to be replaced by another equally awesome group. It really makes me proud to call myself a Yankees fan and know that I’m surrounded by so many other hardcore fans!

I couldn’t ask for a better co-host, Bern is great. She works so hard and I just couldnt be happier she’s on the show with me. We’re to the point now were we can banter on air and not take it personally or get offended. That’s great. I admit, at first I was afriad to argue… And Kary, what can I say about Kary… he took us under his wing and made some great call sweeps, music beds, and segment intros for us. He’s the real radio guy in all this and I’m so greatful for all he’s done for us.

Thanks so much to everyone who listens each week!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Living on a Prayer


power_of_prayer.jpgDear God:

This is Brit, you know, the Yankees fan. I don’t know if you surf the web, but if you do… I’d like to write this open prayer-letter to you. I know you’ve heard this same dialog half a million times now from me, but I figure if I write it down and put it on this blog it will be on here forever and I can stop bothering you every day with the same requests.

God, I know I always say, “If you let the Yankees win this time, I’ll stop bothering you about sports” only to say it again the next day, week, or season. But this time, I’m serious… If you help me out with these twelve requests, I will stop bothering you with baseball prayers, I’ll help the poor, nurture the sick, whatever you want me to do…

1. I want to personally ask you to make this spring training go by fast. I’m sick of writing about Alex Rodriguez, steroids, shady cousins, and disappointed players and fans. This plea is purely selfish; true I want the best for Alex, but honestly…

I need something to blog about other than Alex. I also would like to get through an episode of A Show of Their Own without mentioning the “S-word,” (steroids). I think the faster these pointless (well pointless to fans) exhibition games are over and real baseball starts everything will blow over. The media will have a pennant race to write about, injuries to report, and quotes about the game to record. They will have little interest in steroids, at least that’s what I’m hoping.

2. I want to get back to baseball, the actual game, not all the off field drama. What ever happened to the good old days where baseball players were baseball players, not Hollywood celebrities with a gang of paparazzi surrounding them. I want to return to that time. Why does it matter who’s dating what model or who’s living’ it up in some club? That’s the players’ business, not ours. Sure, its fun to see a different side of the players. It makes me feel like I know the players on a more personal level, but I don’t think this celebrity worship is good for baseball.

3. Please give Derek Jeter the range, strength, power, and speed to play shortstop until he’s 100 years old. I just cannot imagine a world without Jeter at short. You allowed me to “come up” with Jeter, Mo, and Posada and so, I think it would be really cruel for them to be taken away from me.

4. Please help Girardi see that Joba needs to be in the bullpen, forever. He’s not a starting pitcher, not in the majors. Help Girardi, Cashman, Steinbrenner, and et. al. see that Joba can help us more if he comes out of the pen. It would make more sense to have Joba come out of the pen for 65 games or so and help us win games with his power pitching rather than him start for 30 games and get taken out after 3 or 4 innings because everyone knows what he’s got and he’s not letting the ball fly.

5. Also, God… Please help our young pitchers. Hughes and Kennedy especially. I really think they can be great starters for us down the stretch, but I want to see them in the minors to start the year. Make them earn their way back up to the majors with good old fashion hard work and scoreless innings. I know they can do it, they’ve done it before. Oh, also, please keep Phil Hughes in triple-A until July 1st (you know why).

6. Please help Jason Johnson overcome his battle with cancer. He seemed to be working really hard to get back to the majors with the Yankees this year and I don’t want him to not be able to accomplish that.

7. Please help Edwar Ramirez gain some weight. It worries me to watch him pitch. If a line drive ever hit him square, he’d probably die. I think the ball would actually pass through his body… that’s how tiny he is.

8. Help Wang, Posada, and Matsui heal completely. If we want to win this year, we need them to be on top of their game! How cool is it that our Ace from the last few years is now our number 3 starter!

9. Please give Nick Swisher patience. I don’t know what Girardi has in store for Nick, but I like this guy. He’s like a miniature version of Giambi. Very spunky. I don’t want him to get discouraged and lose his charm and personality in the club house.

10. Help A.J. and C.C. fit in perfectly with the team, perform well, and stay healthy.

11. Make the New York Media realize that C.C. would like the dots in his name since, in fact, it is the initials of his first and middle names.

12. Help the Yankees stay healthy and help the Yankees win the division and the World Series for the next 100 years in a row.

You’ve given me and the Yankees so much in the past, but I hope you will find it in you some where to grant me these twelve requests. I know I’m not the only Yankee fan praying for these things, so I hope you will take the other Yankees fans’ prayers in to account to.

——– Amen.

Fighting for “The Franchise”

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. That was Brian Cashman’s off season mantra. We came, we saw, we conquered the free agent pitchers market. We nabbed the best pitcher on the market. Sure, we spent a lot of money, but we upgraded and made moves that are perceived to bring the World Championship back to the Bronx.  I’d like to use this forum as a way to plead my case for the Yankees’ prospects; namely, Phil Hughes. Ok, so you all have probably guessed by now, Phil Hughes is my favorite Yankee, so this may be bias, but so is everything else on the blogosphere.  

So, last night on A Show of Their Own, we got into the argument of prospects or free agents/trades. I don’t consider one option better than the other. It all depends on the players involved. I’m emotionally attached to 25 men!  I really want Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson, Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera, Robbie Cano, Phil Coke, et al to succeed in pinstripes. They are great guys that we’ve (I guess I should say the Yankees and not we, since I’m not working for the Yankees… yet) developed in our farm system. OK, Phil and Ian went 0-8 together last year, but they shouldn’t have even been up in the majors. YES, Phil had some moments of greatness in 2007, but he was only 21 at the time and he hadn’t matured as a pitcher completely. The fact of the matter is that IPK and “The Franchise” were rushed through the minors.  Phil was pitching hurt for the majority of the 2008 season AND he couldn’t see at night. HELLO… I announced on my old blog that Phil was hurt and couldn’t see before the news came out (except I diagnosed him with a strained oblique rather than a broken rib), but if I could see that (all the way in NC) why couldn’t Joe Girardi, or a trainer? Phil needs to take some of the blame too, I suppose. He should have told someone he was hurt, but that comes with maturity as a pitcher.

I think Phil is a great pitcher. Obviously the Yankees feel the same way or they wouldn’t have by passed Johan Santana and all the other deals that flew their way. In 2008, Phil changed his mechanics (that worked so well for him in 2007) subconsciously to compensate for his injury.  It happens… Phil worked his problems out this fall with the Peoria Javelins.  I think this will be a comeback year for him and IPK. I’m so sick of people dismissing players after one bad year. Everyone hates Cano, Melky, IPK, Phil, EVERYONE… people are actually starting to hate DEREK JETER of all people. Geez, lose some range and you’re just crap in some fans’ eyes. I know I get impatient with players during games, but I think we should all take a moment to remember that these guys are YOUNG. They still have some maturing and growing to do.


All that being said, I don’t know what I want to happen… The Yankees play the Braves in July, I’ll be at all three games. I’m going to Cleveland to see the Yankees and I’ll be at Yankee stadium too… so, I want Phil to be in the majors flourishing, because that’s what is right for him. But, for selfish reasons I want him to be with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre during May 12-15. Why? Because Scranton will be in Charlotte to play the Charlotte Knights. I go every year to see Scranton play Charlotte. I’ve made friends at the stadium with guys who work there… they always tell me how to get autographs and find the visitors. If Phil’s with Scranton then I’ll have a better chance at meeting him (which is my new goal in life, sorry Grady).

So, that’s my big dilemma…


Final Whisper: Don’t give up on our young guys. They just need time to get adjusted and realize their potential. They’ll be fine!


Baseball Nerdish as Always,


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AAALOGO.JPGTonight on “A Show of Their Own” we’ll be talking to Eric Marinbach. Eric has been featured in ESPN the Magazine for this extensive bobble head collection (900+ bobbles strong). Also, the show has moved from Monday nights to Sunday nights… so I hope you all will tune in tonight at 9 EST. To listen to the show click here.


Final Whisper: After the show tonight I’ll post a new blog. I had a revelation today and I want to share.


Baseball Nerdish as Always,