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You are no long in the running for Yankees next top long reliever…

Pitching has been the main topic this off season for the Yankees, and for good reason… Well, pitching and A-Rod, but that’s a given. So, what will I blog about today… A-Rod or Pitching?

I’m sick of writing about A-Rod, that blogging ship has sailed for the time being… So, lets move on to the pitchers.

There is no denying the fact that I love me some Phil Hughes… read this blog, listen to my show, its pretty evident. Anyway… Phil Hughes has been cut and optioned to minor league spring training with the SWB Yankees. Am I mad about this move? You would think so since I’m Pro-Hughes, but I’m not…



In the picture above… Phil is what Tyra would call FIERCE


I understand the value of Hughes being down in the minors. He needs to be down in the minors actually. He and Kennedy should have never been called up in the first place. They were way too young and inexperienced. Sure, they had some highlights, but for the most part, they did… no so great.

Both guys need some time to mature and grow as pitchers in the minors. Sure, some of my feelings are purely selfish, I admit I hope Hughes is with the SWB Yankees for the first 2 weeks of June, so I can see him close up in Charlotte. Selfish, I know, but he needs the work in the minors to build his self back up after a horrible year last year in the majors.

I’m not saying he needs to be in the minors the entire year, but he doesn’t need to have a starting position in the rotation handed to him at the age of 22. Neither does Ian Kennedy. Bad, bad, bad, decision on the Yankees part last year. Make them at least think they have to fight for a spot, don’t just fork it over.

SIDE NOTE: Ian Kennedy makes more money that Phil Hughes… yea, that’s what I said. Either the Yankees have gone crazy, Kennedy has one heck of an agent, or Hughes has one sucky agent… whatever the case, I’m pretty upset about that one.


SUCKS.jpgIn other pitching news…
Kei Igawa has yet to be cut. He’s thrown 12 and some odd innings of scoreless baseball. WOW big friggin’ whoop, IT’S SPRING TRAINING!!!

I think this is it… this is the golden opportunity all Yankees fans have been waiting for since we realized Igawa was, how do you say… “not very good.” Can you tell I’m excited about this! His own countrymen think he sucks, I would think they would know better than us. Cashman either got some crazy awful scouting reports on Igawa or Igawa fooled everyone… either way it could be a conspiracy (just saying).

I was talking to my man, Bill and we both agreed, Igawa could be sent to the NL and be pretty successful. I think Igawa will be another Jose Contreras, suck while he’s with the Yankees and beast it out when he goes to another team. Trade him to an NL West team and he could be a 10-15 game winner.

mike224(2).jpgNow, all of this brings me to my next point… I’ve heard rumors that the Yankees are opening talks back up with the Milwaukee Brewers to get some trade done to bring Mike Cameron to New York… could they be thinking of trading Igawa? Now, granted that’s the NL Central, but it’s still the NL (not trying to start anything with NL fans, I’m just an AL girl…)
Brett.jpgOn to Mike Cameron, I’m not a fan of mediocre, middle aged outfielders, even though (again, my guy Bill says) Cameron has some mad range. I think Swish and Gardy can get it done in CF. I’m sorry I know Gardy is probably a quadruple-A player, but I love that dude. So much heart… I guess it’s the high school softball coach side of me that loves Gardy. When I have a girl who plays her heart out, even if she’s not the best on the team, she’s getting playing time!



Yes, I know this pic has nothing to do with anything, but I couldnt resist…

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Fighting for “The Franchise”

Pitching, Pitching, Pitching. That was Brian Cashman’s off season mantra. We came, we saw, we conquered the free agent pitchers market. We nabbed the best pitcher on the market. Sure, we spent a lot of money, but we upgraded and made moves that are perceived to bring the World Championship back to the Bronx.  I’d like to use this forum as a way to plead my case for the Yankees’ prospects; namely, Phil Hughes. Ok, so you all have probably guessed by now, Phil Hughes is my favorite Yankee, so this may be bias, but so is everything else on the blogosphere.  

So, last night on A Show of Their Own, we got into the argument of prospects or free agents/trades. I don’t consider one option better than the other. It all depends on the players involved. I’m emotionally attached to 25 men!  I really want Ian Kennedy, Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson, Brett Gardner, Melky Cabrera, Robbie Cano, Phil Coke, et al to succeed in pinstripes. They are great guys that we’ve (I guess I should say the Yankees and not we, since I’m not working for the Yankees… yet) developed in our farm system. OK, Phil and Ian went 0-8 together last year, but they shouldn’t have even been up in the majors. YES, Phil had some moments of greatness in 2007, but he was only 21 at the time and he hadn’t matured as a pitcher completely. The fact of the matter is that IPK and “The Franchise” were rushed through the minors.  Phil was pitching hurt for the majority of the 2008 season AND he couldn’t see at night. HELLO… I announced on my old blog that Phil was hurt and couldn’t see before the news came out (except I diagnosed him with a strained oblique rather than a broken rib), but if I could see that (all the way in NC) why couldn’t Joe Girardi, or a trainer? Phil needs to take some of the blame too, I suppose. He should have told someone he was hurt, but that comes with maturity as a pitcher.

I think Phil is a great pitcher. Obviously the Yankees feel the same way or they wouldn’t have by passed Johan Santana and all the other deals that flew their way. In 2008, Phil changed his mechanics (that worked so well for him in 2007) subconsciously to compensate for his injury.  It happens… Phil worked his problems out this fall with the Peoria Javelins.  I think this will be a comeback year for him and IPK. I’m so sick of people dismissing players after one bad year. Everyone hates Cano, Melky, IPK, Phil, EVERYONE… people are actually starting to hate DEREK JETER of all people. Geez, lose some range and you’re just crap in some fans’ eyes. I know I get impatient with players during games, but I think we should all take a moment to remember that these guys are YOUNG. They still have some maturing and growing to do.


All that being said, I don’t know what I want to happen… The Yankees play the Braves in July, I’ll be at all three games. I’m going to Cleveland to see the Yankees and I’ll be at Yankee stadium too… so, I want Phil to be in the majors flourishing, because that’s what is right for him. But, for selfish reasons I want him to be with Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre during May 12-15. Why? Because Scranton will be in Charlotte to play the Charlotte Knights. I go every year to see Scranton play Charlotte. I’ve made friends at the stadium with guys who work there… they always tell me how to get autographs and find the visitors. If Phil’s with Scranton then I’ll have a better chance at meeting him (which is my new goal in life, sorry Grady).

So, that’s my big dilemma…


Final Whisper: Don’t give up on our young guys. They just need time to get adjusted and realize their potential. They’ll be fine!


Baseball Nerdish as Always,



On Saturday I had a revelation of sorts. The day started out like any other, the alarm clock went off at 5am… I got up, went to work out, went to the tanning bed (because I’m the whitest shade of a white person and I decided to do something about it), got dressed and went to my little 5 year old cousin’s basketball game. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but my family is crazy close. We’re a southern family in every sense of the expression. My mom has 2 older sisters. 1 is married and the other is not. I’m an only child and my aunt has 3 children all older than me. So… every Sunday we go to church, a Southern Baptist church no less. Then we alternate going to one of the “sisters” homes for dinner (which is lunch for all you who don’t speak Southern). We have 4 grandchildren in the family, we also have 5 great grandchildren who’s ages range from 1 to 6. The young-ins (as we Southerners like to call them…) are just now getting to the age were they play organized sports. Organized team sports have always been big in my family. I was a softball player, basketball player, golfer, and cheerleader all throughout my childhood and in high school. I don’t mind saying I rocked either… softball is obviously my favorite sport and I would have played in college if it wasn’t for the torn rotator cuff (that was beyond repair ) I suffered in 11th grade. Anyway… This is all beside the point I’m trying to make…

My 5 year old cousin, Si, is playing basketball for the first time. He’s playing in the church league called Upward. They have all ages playing all kinds of sports. During half time they get all the athletes to come to the middle of the court for a short 10 -15 minute devotional. It’s great. These kids get to enjoy the competitive nature of games in a respectful way while they praise the lord. Usually I get mad when score isn’t being taken… you know the old “everyone’s a winner” adage. But seeing these kids play just made me happy. I’m not a emotional person, but I was moved during the game. It was so refreshing to see people (albeit short people) playing basketball and not caring who was winning or who was the all star of the team. My cousin Si is the nicest kid you’ll ever meet. I swear he’s going to be THE point guard for Duke when he grows up… he’s so selfless. He would dribble a little then pass it off to a teammate. He didn’t need all the attention on him. He was content to pass the ball to a teammate who he knew would make the shot. Now, I’m not saying he doesn’t like attention… He knew the ENTIRE family was at his game (as always) and when he did take a shot and made the basket, he knew right where we all were and looked up at us to see if we saw what great thing he just did. It was so cute.

I guess this blog isn’t really about the Yankees per say, just more of a personal revelation about sports. I think if today’s athletes would have had such a program to play in we would all be a lot better off. We wouldn’t have players getting arrested for drugs, dog fights, bar fights, or shooting themselves in the leg. No steroids… We wouldn’t have players who walk by adoring kids without putting their cell phone down. We wouldn’t have these athletes who think they are above the law, above the fans, or anyone else. I’m not saying competitiveness is bad, lord knows I’m more competitive than the average person, I’m just saying it would be different. I think everything would be a lot different if we would all accept the Lord as our savior. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone or turn you away from my blog. I’m not trying to judge people, I just needed to put this all out there.


I look at players like Phil Hughes who I always see praying on the mound and it brings me peace. Actually in a round about way, Phil Hughes brought this perspective to light for me… I read his blog at yard barker and he always shares the music he’s listening to. He listens to some Christian rock bands and I started listening to them just to see what the band was like and along with my preacher’s message today, I was just really moved (I don’t know PeeJ’s religious beliefs, but this is what I’ve got out of reading his blog). I’ve been saved for several years now, but I was very young at the time, so it’s sort of in one ear and out the other. I think today was a great day to rededicate my life to God and find peace within myself and not let “the haters” bring me down. I’ve had a lot of haters in my life (for reasons I don’t care to share), but it’s nice to know God’s on my side.

It’s funny how you can love sports for one reason and then something happens and it changes your life in another way. So, I want to thank all the players like Phil Hughes, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Andy Phillips, and so on… Even though these guys are just going about their business, they are witnessing to the millions of people who watch them just by taking a second to say a short prayer on the field. That’s great.

Again, I don’t want to offend anyone, but this is my blog, and this is my life. I felt the need to share this with you all and maybe this will open someone’s eyes to the lord. I know I live in the bible belt, but I don’t mean to shove it down your throat… again, this is my opinion and I know we all have different views and religious beliefs and that’s fine. Diversity is great.

FINAL Whisper: I have a blog about baseball coming up tomorrow, I promise! I’ll “Plead my case for The Franchise.” Enjoy the music!  


Baseball Nerdish as Always,



A gnat in the nose = 60-day DL

Oh boy… I usually don’t like to say mean things about Yankees/Former-Yankees, but I could not let this slide. Carl Pavano is now a Cleveland Indian. I don’t hate the Cleveland Indians or their gnats, in fact… Cleveland is the home of one of my favorite players as you all know. I feel bad for Mark Shapiro, Eric Wedge, Victor Martinez, and all the other Indians. Why would the Indians willingly bring this guy into their clubhouse? They must be insane! Recently, Pavano realized he was no longer a Yankee and therefore could talk crap because he doesn’t have to deal with the ramifications on a daily basis. Sorry to inform you Carl, but the Yankees and Indians meet up quite a few times this year and you will get the royal jerk treatment in Yankee Stadium (as you deserve).

Carl told reporters of his Yankees experience: “When you’re down, you expect your organization to pick you up, not kick you when you’re down. I’ve had to pick myself up quite a few times in the last four years.”

I have several responses to this…

1. You are not the only player who has ever been told they have to work their way back into the rotation. Do you see Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy acting foolishly like you? NOPE! Get over yourself… you’re not Derek Jeter for crying out loud… you’re not even a Shelley Duncan as far as I’m concerned! At least Shelley contributes to the team when he’s up in some fashion be it long bombs or crazy-hard high fives all you do, Carl, is sit on your butt and collect $.  

2. Don’t be a jerk. If you had a problem Carl, you should have done the civilized thing like Kyle Farnsworth and stated your feelings and point-of-view while you were with the team so you and Mr. Torre could work things out. Obviously, Kyle should have spoken with Mr. Torre in private rather than to the media, but still… Torre new how he felt. You can’t keep your feelings bottled up man!

3. Don’t hate on the Yankees just because you didn’t become the savior of the Yankees rotation like you wished. It’s not their fault you sucked once you got to NY.

4. Don’t get hurt packing your bags for Cleveland… oh and I hope a gnat doesn’t fly up your nose and choke you sending you to the 60-day DL this year…  


Dear Carl,

So long sucker… Best Wishes.

Baseball Nerdish As Always