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Let me explain…

Well, it happened. I fought hard. I begged. I denied. I yelled. I even cried. Nevertheless, classes at Wingate resumed this past Wednesday. I hope you guys will forgive me for my lack of posting. I’m still getting acquainted with my new schedule. I also coach high school softball at CATA in North Carolina. The season is about to begin. We’re having pre-season workouts now and tryouts start on February 16th. I’m excited for this softball season, we retained all our girls from last year (no seniors last year thank goodness) and we have a new class of freshman that look promising. SUPER EXCITED! We’ve gone to states two years in a row now. This will be my third year coaching at CATA, so I hope to make it three years in a row. I swear, starting today… I post regularly. I know I’ve promised that quite a few times now, but I’m serious this time. It’s my new years resolution.


Let’s get down to baseball… I suppose a congratulations is in order for former Yankee, Rickey Henderson. I know Rickey was a character. He was a five tool kind of guy. He could beat you in all aspects of the game. Sadly, he was a bit before my time. He played until 2003, but at that point he was a mire shadow of his former self. OK, he was still better than the majority, but he was either on a west coast team or a team (Boston) that I loathed. All I have to go by on Rickey is the stories my parents have shared with me, the stories Bern shared on air last night, and what ESPN classic and MLB Network tell me. I hate that I was unable to really form my own opinion on the guy. I know he was the Babe Ruth of base running, but again, that’s what someone’s told me and I’ve seen in a small sampling. Either way, the guy was elected into the HOF. A congratulations is in order… So, CONGRATS Rickey!



 Final Whisper:
I’m very envious of those who have Rickey Henderson stories. Why couldn’t I have been born in the 70s or 60s? Everything great transpired in the 70s… Rickey Henderson, The Doors, Journey, Pat Benatar, and for a short time Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.


Baseball Nerdish as Always,



My Eyes Have Seen You.

It happens every off season… It cannot be stopped and there is no cure. It all starts when I begin my end-of-season Yankees review blog. I put off the blog for the past week because I simply refuse to come to terms with the fact that my Yanks are not in the playoffs. October without baseball, YANKEES BASEBALL, just seems unnatural. I’ve been watching the Dodgers and pulling for them. I’d like to pretend the Dodgers are an extension of the Yankees, even though that doesn’t really make any sense whatsoever. What I’m getting at is I miss the Yankees! It seems odd to say that, but I really do.  But, back to the topic at hand… it happens like clockwork. Every year, about 2-3 weeks after the Yankees season has ended I begin to see Yankees players (current and former) all around North Carolina. No, they don’t stow away to NC for the winter… I guess I’m just going crazy. Seriously, Bernie Williams was jogging down the highway on my way home from class Friday, or a man who resembles Bernie was jogging, I should say. J I’ve also ran into Yogi Berra. He was going into the grocery store. I swear, I’m not crazy… I’m not a psychotic fan either… I just love baseball. I’ve started on my season wrap-up blog, it will be up by Wednesday! Until next year, I guess I’m stuck following minor league players in the fall leagues and watching Yankeeography! 


Here is my itinerary of games I plan on going to next year for sure:

April 16th to 19th at “New” Yankee Stadium vs. Cleveland Indians

May 29th to June 1st at Progressive vs. Cleveland Indians

June 23rd to 25th at Turner Field vs. Atlanta Braves

August 6th  to 9th at “New” Yankee Stadium vs. Red Sux 


Final Whisper: Geez, now you guys think I’m crazy, but I promise I’m not.  Title Courtesy of The Doors! 


Baseball Nerdish as Always,