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My Return to Radio

Wow this past week has been crazy! I’ll fill you all in later, but I wanted to take a quick second and let everyone know that I will be returning to radio! I’ll be one of the two lovely hosts of What’s Brewin’. The show name will eventually change to reflect the changes in hosts, but for now, it’s What’s Brewin’.

Mary, my partner in crime, and I will be live tonight and every Sunday night at 10:00. To listen to the show visit: www.blogtalkradio.com/TBBS

We have a variety of things to talk about tonight and we hope you’ll enjoy! Call in and let us know what you think!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,



Transcript from tonights show announcement

I know we joke around a lot on this show, we try to keep things as light as possible, but now comes the serious portion of the show.

I cannot believe this show has taken off the way it has. We have some of the best listeners two girls could ask for. Our guests are always awesome and Bern and Kary have also been great at getting this show off and running.

You may all have noticed that the show was a bit different tonight. Bern was lead the show. This show has meant the world to me this last year, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

That being said, April 5th will be my last day as host of A Show of Their Own. I’ll have more details for all of you on our April 5th show, but I just want to take this time to thank all of you for listening and encouraging us throughout our first year on air.

“A Show of Their Own” 50th episode on Sunday



When I first started “A Show of Their Own” I never thought it would catch on like it has. We’ve got hundreds of listeners and that still amazes me to this day. I can’t imagine why anyone would care to hear my Yankees opinions, but I’m not complaining.

The show has helped me meet so many wonderful people. The family, that is Yankees Universe, is an amazing thing to be a part of and I feel honored to be a member. We’ve still got a long way to go to make our show the best, but it’s a fun process. We’ve had some great guests on the show and we have the best listeners out there, I’m convinced. 

We’ve had groups of people come in our show’s chat room and go, only to be replaced by another equally awesome group. It really makes me proud to call myself a Yankees fan and know that I’m surrounded by so many other hardcore fans!

I couldn’t ask for a better co-host, Bern is great. She works so hard and I just couldnt be happier she’s on the show with me. We’re to the point now were we can banter on air and not take it personally or get offended. That’s great. I admit, at first I was afriad to argue… And Kary, what can I say about Kary… he took us under his wing and made some great call sweeps, music beds, and segment intros for us. He’s the real radio guy in all this and I’m so greatful for all he’s done for us.

Thanks so much to everyone who listens each week!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Mental Vomit

Well, here I am again… about to make an excuse about why its been a while since my last blog. Truth is, I’ve been very busy and for good reason. Midterms have been going on for the past week and a half. I have one more to take on Thursday then spring break begins! So far, I’ve made a 100, 100, 93, and 90. So I guess all that studying paid off (and yes I am bragging because this is the first time in my 2 ½ years of college that I’ve made a 100 on tests) Anyway, I’d just be writing about A-Rod anyway… so you didn’t miss much haha

So, this blog is going to be a mixture of things, a mental vomit of sorts…

Alex Rodriguez

Who else could I start with? I actually uttered the words “I feel sorry for Alex” a few times on the past few episodes of A Show of Their Own. Whoa, did I really say that? I mean this is the guy I HATED when he first came to New York. I felt like he was going to push Jeter to the side and become the new golden boy (gee how wrong I was). Seriously though, I was so mad when A-Rod first came to NY, then when I realized he wasn’t going to steal Jeter’s job I was ok with him… then I started to hate him again after the Toronto stripper incident, because I think Cynthia Rodriguez (or whatever she calls herself now) is the coolest baseball wife ever. Then all was forgiven again with Alex. Now, I’m hurt he did steroids and lied, but I feel bad for him at the same time. This guy just cannot catch a break. Truth is, if he would have told the truth this would have all blown over a lot faster, but he decided to lie and he should know journalists are always in pursuit of the truth and they will uncover it… geez Alex come on!

All that being said, I think I had a pretty decent rant about Alex on the last two episodes of A Show of Their Own. Since I cant remember what all I said, I’d urge you to go take a listen… you’re bound to disagree with me, but maybe you agree who knows.

Alex has hired another guy to manage this circus… Alex look at me in the eyes right now… JUST HIRE ME AND I WILL FIX EVERYTHING, HEY I KNOW WE ARE IN A RESESSION, I’LL WORK FOR FREE! Seriously Alex, I can help plus it would look good for you to hire me, just think about it. I’ve given him so much free positive press I think he owes me, just kidding. Brian Cashman

I understand that baseball is a business. I also understand that if you want your “assets” to do well, you need to act like you give a crap about them. How COLD was Cash-money at the press conference? True, Alex’s fake crying did see contrived, but still… show the guy and the media that you support him. Put your hand on his shoulder for a millisecond or something GAH!!! It just seems very counterproductive to me. Cash-money knows that Alex needs others to like him and he needs the affection of others, Alex needed cash-money to show some sympathy towards the situation rather than just sitting there looking like an evil puffed up bullfrog. And what is this “asset” deal? He’s still a human being, cash… sooo sooo cold. Poor Alex (see, this is why I feel bad for the cheater). FYI: Bald Vinny has a hilarious shirt about Alex if you are anti-alex or anti-cheater or just find this whole situation hilarious. http://baldvinny.com/

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is the media KING. Seriously, he will never look bad in the media, unless he does something stupid during a game, other than that… Jeter can do no wrong basically. So, Jeter is mad at Alex, but supports him at the first time. And this is not a steroid era… not everyone is doing it. I don’t think everyone is doing it, but there is a high enough percentage that is… other wise this whole congress messing with baseball wouldn’t exist. Whatever… I’m so over steroids. I just want to get back to baseball, please for sake of the game!

Nick Swisher

Is quickly becoming my new favorite Yankee! I think he’s taking over Giambi’s old role in the clubhouse… clubhouse clown or something like that. I guess its from all those years in easy going Cali, at least that’s what Lisa (girlybaseballchick.mlblogs.com) thinks. Girardi cancelled workouts today and took the guys to play pool… Good for him, finally he’s figuring out that it doesn’t do anyone any good being so serious 100% of the time.

Spring Training

Games start Wednesday! Brett Tomko will be the starter. I’m personally looking forward to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s games… Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain will be the respective starters. I’m really keen on Austin Romine. I saw him in Charleston last year and he is a great catcher in my opinion… its just a matter of adjusting to major league pitchers. But that’s not to say he will be with the Yankees anytime soon… he’s got a lot of time to develop and such.


FINAL WHISPER: I’m addicted to XtraNormal.com now… you can all thank Jane for my stupid videos haha just kidding. Seriously though, I got another one on the way…

Oh, For all you Joey Salvia fans out there, Joey will be appearing on The Brew and Bill Show tonight at 10pm, so go to BrewandBillShow.com for more information!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Social Experiement: Yankees, A-Rod, & Jeter

It’s been exactly 4 days since my last post. Nope, I’m not neglecting my responsibility as a blogger… I was busy conducting a social experiment concerning A-Rod.

My “experiment” first started out as just my way of facing the “media” myself then the idea of a social experiment came to mind.

Sunday, on “A Show of Their Own” we interviewed Jane Heller and began to discuss how baseball is more than just a sport to a lot of people. It’s an escape from all the gloom and doom people face in their everyday lives.

I was very bummed out about the news concerning Alex. How could this be happening to me again? It wasn’t enough that my favorite pitcher took HGH… Everything is just piling up.

So, I wrote to all of you and shared my opinion on how Alex should address the media and his fans in a prompt manner so we can all “move on.”

Well, as a Yankee fan, I felt it was time for me to come clean; to face the music and my peers. I didn’t want to throw my A-Rod shirt away because of this. I decided I should get the ridicule over with fast by wearing my A-Rod shirt everywhere on Tuesday.

I figured if people were going to say something to me, I might as well get it over with that way when Opening Day comes I can wear my A-Rod shirt (if I so choose).

The Experiment

*** NOTE: NONE of this is made up. All the conversations are real, just edited for your reading pleasure and so MLBlogs will continue to let me post on here. I even took my little voice recorder I use when I’m interviewing people for the school newspaper so I wouldn’t forget anything.

Day One (Monday): I wore a Yankees shirt without a player’s name on it.


got rings shirt.jpgI went to class. Strolled around campus just waiting for someone to say something. Then I went to the mall to stroll around. I walked around in every sporting goods store there was. I figured if someone was going to say something it would be in a sporting goods store. I went with a cocky shirt, hoping that someone would say something about our WS championships..

Day One Results: I passed 13 guy who gave me a “Oh my gosh, this girl isn’t for real” look. Only one stranger actually said something to me. Our convo went like this.

MAN: Did you see what that Yankee player did?

ME: Yes, sir I did.

MAN: Do you believe him

ME: Yes. Do you?

MAN: Well, I just think its good he came clean. So, you still supporting him I reckon.

ME: Yes, at least for 9 more years.

MAN: (Walked away puzzled… wondering why I picked 9 years)



Day Two (Tuesday): I wore my Alex Rodriguez  shirt.


arod shrit.jpgAgain, I went to class. I walked all around campus knowing someone would start something. I went to another mall, with the biggest sporting goods store in it. I went out to dinner with a friend at a sports café type place. I made sure to get up and walk around so people would see my shirt. I wore my hair up also, just so there was no question who I was representing with my shirt.

Day Two Results: Everyone, even the prissy girls and sissy boys who only know A-Rod because of the whole Madonna thing were giving me evil glares. 4 people came up to me and said something. 7 people yelled curse words at me from across the room/road. My favorite was this man (wearing a John Rocker/Braves shirt) who came up to me with his son (who was wearing shorts, a Braves t-shirt, and cleats). I assume the kid just got back from baseball practice. Here was our convo:

MAN: Ma’am, I hate to be rude, but you do know that man on the back of

your shirt did steroids don’t you.

ME: Yes sir, I do.

MAN: Well, I think he’s setting the wrong example for my kid.

ME: Oh, so your son is a Yankees fan (just being a jerk for the fun of it)

MAN: (Bleep) no! I hate them (Beeping) Yankees. A-Rod is a horses (bleep) for taking steroids. He has young fans, how is my son supposed to compete with boys doing steroids?

ME: Well sir, I don’t think your son is playing against A-Rod tomorrow, but I understand your opinion. It does suck that our heroes are, in fact, human. They make mistakes, but as a fan, I’ve got to support my team. Parents should set an example for their children and not rely

on celebrities to raise their kids.

MAN: Even if that means supporting a man who is exactly what’s wrong

with everything in sports.

ME: Alex didn’t create steroids and he’s not the only athlete to use

steroids. He’s just the only notable player on the list.

MAN: Well, its just the wrong message to send to kids.

ME: I know, thank god for prejudice athletes like John Rocker.

MAN: He ain’t prejudice, he just tells it like it is.

ME: Have you ever been to New York?


ME: ok then… (I walked off, sensing that I had made the man mad


Another favorite was this 20 year old guy (who has 3 classes with me) who decided that he wasn’t man enough to say something to my face, so he starts chanting “Cheater, Cheater, Cheater” behind me as I walked to my car. I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me, so I decided to do what any girl would have done, I turned around and gave him the “stink eye.” Well, that was just fuel for him… he then started chanting “Roid Rage, Roid Rage, Roid Rage.” Even though he was a chicken for not saying something to my face, I have to give the guy credit for his creativity.



Day Three (Wednesday): I wore a Derek Jeter shirt today.


jeter jersey.jpgI wondered if people would react better to Jeter, since he has not (to the public’s knowledge) tested positive for steroids. Isn’t sad that I had to type what’s in parenthesis? You just don’t know anymore, but that doesn’t make me like or dislike baseball. Once again, I walked around campus proudly sporting my Jeter gear. I even wore my Derek Jeter seam bracelet. I went to an early movie and to a local (small) sporting goods store.

Day Three Results: People reacted positively to my Jeter shirt. Two women came up to me and said they were Braves fans, but they “absolutely adored Derek Jeter.” They told me that they were mad at A-Rod, but glad Jeter is a “prince.” Yes, they said prince. I still got a few evil looks, but not nearly the amount I got during Day Two. It was sort of an uneventful day. Maybe the news had worn off a bit…


FINAL WHISPER: I faced the music and now feel like I can put this behind me and wear whatever I want to the ballpark this year. What did my experiment teach us? I concluded that people love Jeter, end of story.

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


United we Stand, Divided we Fall

Conclusion: It’s not something I’d do, but I don’t understand why everyone is throwing him under the bus now after all that he did for us.


I decided to start off with the conclusion I’ve come to about “The Yankee Years” or “Ranking Beers” if you’re not a baseball fan. I’ve thumbed through Mr. Torre’s book and to me, it doesn’t hurt the prestige or honor of the pinstripes. Nor does it make me want to turn my back on a guy who has brought me many great memories.


JoeTorre.jpgThat being said though, I don’t think it was a wise move on Mr. Torre’s part to write this book. Only because of all the media grief and “Benedict Torre” comments by EX-fans. Honestly though, this book doesn’t paint Mr. Torre as the good guy and the Yankees as the bad guys. So, don’t think it’s like that… Verducci is coming from a very neutral ground (in my opinion). The book shows Mr. Torre’s colorful vocabulary and his relationships with the men he was in charge of for twelve years.

The book in a nut shell, Joe wanted to be the Yankees’ GM, but that would have meant a pay cut and his Brother Frank Torre didn’t think it was worth the hassle… Then Mr. Steinbrenner called him up and was like dude, want to be our manager… Mr. Torre responded with a “Hell, yes!”

We already know the rest… David Wells is a rough-neck jerk, who could pitch like crazy. Derek Jeter is a SAINT, Mariano Rivera is classy in a hardworking kind of way. Mr. Torre missed the days of Paulie, Brosius, and Tino… Pettitte is underrated, Jorge Posada, Paul O’Neill, and Tino Martinez are intense characters. Giambi is a sucky defensive player and A-Rod is a pre-MADONNA… I mean prima donna (gah, I just blew another new years resolution). He’s also a bit inconsistent and his teammates and coaches used to hassle him about it.

arod smokes.jpg 

I’m just sick of all the commotion this book is causing in Yankees Universe… It is ripping us apart people! Now is a time we should united and become one powerful universe! Let’s all decide to move on and not worry about the past.

Forgive and forget… yea, yea, yea relive and regret, but I don’t think Girardi will be writing any books anytime soon…

I don’t even know why I let this bug me so much… I just don’t want Mr. Torre to be another Yogi Berra. I LOVE Mr. Berra… and I can’t imagine my life without him being around the Yankees. I named my teacup poodle Yogi for goodness sakes! I wouldn’t want my little cousins to grow up in a world where Joe Torre is banished from Yankee Stadium and outcast by fans that he once offered so much bliss for.

OK, I’m finished. I’m not trying to make Joe into a saint, again, I wouldn’t have done the book if I was him, but I honestly believe him when he said he thought of the book as more of a piece of history rather than a tell-all. We’ll see how it turns out I guess.


FINAL WHISPER: Am I getting too crazy over this? I just don’t want to have to listen to people bring this book up every time the Yankees have a bad game or every time Jeter and A-Rod look at each other in an odd way. Some sports networks, I wont name names, like to “hate” on the Yankees and I think this is just ammo for them. But, I think those people are blowing it WAY out of proportion! 


Baseball Nerdish as Always,