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You are no long in the running for Yankees next top long reliever…

Pitching has been the main topic this off season for the Yankees, and for good reason… Well, pitching and A-Rod, but that’s a given. So, what will I blog about today… A-Rod or Pitching?

I’m sick of writing about A-Rod, that blogging ship has sailed for the time being… So, lets move on to the pitchers.

There is no denying the fact that I love me some Phil Hughes… read this blog, listen to my show, its pretty evident. Anyway… Phil Hughes has been cut and optioned to minor league spring training with the SWB Yankees. Am I mad about this move? You would think so since I’m Pro-Hughes, but I’m not…



In the picture above… Phil is what Tyra would call FIERCE


I understand the value of Hughes being down in the minors. He needs to be down in the minors actually. He and Kennedy should have never been called up in the first place. They were way too young and inexperienced. Sure, they had some highlights, but for the most part, they did… no so great.

Both guys need some time to mature and grow as pitchers in the minors. Sure, some of my feelings are purely selfish, I admit I hope Hughes is with the SWB Yankees for the first 2 weeks of June, so I can see him close up in Charlotte. Selfish, I know, but he needs the work in the minors to build his self back up after a horrible year last year in the majors.

I’m not saying he needs to be in the minors the entire year, but he doesn’t need to have a starting position in the rotation handed to him at the age of 22. Neither does Ian Kennedy. Bad, bad, bad, decision on the Yankees part last year. Make them at least think they have to fight for a spot, don’t just fork it over.

SIDE NOTE: Ian Kennedy makes more money that Phil Hughes… yea, that’s what I said. Either the Yankees have gone crazy, Kennedy has one heck of an agent, or Hughes has one sucky agent… whatever the case, I’m pretty upset about that one.


SUCKS.jpgIn other pitching news…
Kei Igawa has yet to be cut. He’s thrown 12 and some odd innings of scoreless baseball. WOW big friggin’ whoop, IT’S SPRING TRAINING!!!

I think this is it… this is the golden opportunity all Yankees fans have been waiting for since we realized Igawa was, how do you say… “not very good.” Can you tell I’m excited about this! His own countrymen think he sucks, I would think they would know better than us. Cashman either got some crazy awful scouting reports on Igawa or Igawa fooled everyone… either way it could be a conspiracy (just saying).

I was talking to my man, Bill and we both agreed, Igawa could be sent to the NL and be pretty successful. I think Igawa will be another Jose Contreras, suck while he’s with the Yankees and beast it out when he goes to another team. Trade him to an NL West team and he could be a 10-15 game winner.

mike224(2).jpgNow, all of this brings me to my next point… I’ve heard rumors that the Yankees are opening talks back up with the Milwaukee Brewers to get some trade done to bring Mike Cameron to New York… could they be thinking of trading Igawa? Now, granted that’s the NL Central, but it’s still the NL (not trying to start anything with NL fans, I’m just an AL girl…)
Brett.jpgOn to Mike Cameron, I’m not a fan of mediocre, middle aged outfielders, even though (again, my guy Bill says) Cameron has some mad range. I think Swish and Gardy can get it done in CF. I’m sorry I know Gardy is probably a quadruple-A player, but I love that dude. So much heart… I guess it’s the high school softball coach side of me that loves Gardy. When I have a girl who plays her heart out, even if she’s not the best on the team, she’s getting playing time!



Yes, I know this pic has nothing to do with anything, but I couldnt resist…

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ll be in the mountains until Sunday, which means I will not have internet access and cannot blog. I just wanted to write a quick blog before I go…

Today, as we all know is a time to reflect on all the things we are thankful for. I have so many things to be thankful for, I’d like to share them all with you, but I’ve decided to blog about the baseball related things I’m thankful for.

1. Kei Igawa. WHAT?! No, I’m not crazy… I’m thankful he’s in the minor leagues and not serving up homers in the bigs. I’m thankful that Igawa was named to Topps Triple-A All Star team this year, that makes me feel like the 46 million wasn’t a total waste and it warms my heart to know that the Igawa autograph  I waited 4 + hours to get is worth at least a dollar now.

2. King Hal. I’ve decided that’s his new nickname… I’m thankful that Hal Steinbrenner has taken over control of the Yankees. I don’t know much at about Hal’s qualifications; I know he’s younger than Hank and he’s pretty shy when it comes to talking to the New York media. However, I’m thankful that it is King Hal rather than prince Hank who reigns supreme in Yankee Universe now.

3. Bronx Cheer. I’m thankful that Joba Chamberlain and company are getting out this holiday season and spreading the Bronx cheer. After the incident that happened earlier this off season, Joba needs to realize he’s a hero to kids. I wonder if hosting a fitness seminar at a Bronx school counts towards his community service?

4. Junichi Tazawa. I’ve heard a few different stories on this guy. MLB.com (and a slew of other baseball sites) is reporting that Tazawa is close to signing with the Red Sox. So, why am I thankful for that? Well, Tazawa is an amateur play in Japan. Making the jump from Japanese pro ball to American pro ball is very difficult, making the jump from Japanese amateur ball to American pro ball is going to be even harder… I’m thankful the Red Sox are spending their money on an amateur who hasn’t proven himself.

5. LeBron James. Yea, yea stick to baseball, I know… but King James is the answer to the Yankees pitching woes. No, LeBron isn’t another Jordan, switching over to baseball… LeBron is good friends with CC Sabathia. LeBron is a Yankees fan. The Yankees need a solid rotation so they offered Sabathia $140 million over six years. You do the math.

6. And lastly… All 26 of these…1713528190_c2de2b3b63.jpg

Final Whisper: Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the time with your family and I’ll see you all back here Sunday!


Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Title Courtesy of Kelly Clarkson