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Softball Umpire

Congrats to the Pittsburg Steelers… I wasn’t rooting for them, but I can honestly say great job and congrats to the Steelers since I had no emotional investment in the game whatsoever. I mean, it’s not like it was the World Series!

I read in my local news paper (which is dying at a painfully obvious rate) that Derek Jeter was rooting for the Steelers. Not because he cared for the team, or disliked the Cardinals, but because he roots for people he knows. Big Ben and the Bus recently attended Jeter’s annual charity golf tournament in Florida. The festivities had sort of a football theme, so I assume some uninspired member of the press asked who he was rooting for. I bet they asked Jeter while he was standing beside one of those guys too. Not that Jeter wouldn’t pull for them anyway, it’s just that some members of the press always ask opinion questions with someone of influence standing next to the interviewee; and it all seems a bit contrived. Anyway… Jeter was rooting for the Steelers and I was rooting for the Cardinals… Steelers won, I didn’t care… Spring Training is only 10 days 18 hours and 29 minutes away (ok I cheated and looked on the official New York Yankees website).


jeters event.jpg 

Last week I attended the annual softball coaches meeting. This is a pointless meeting that all high school coaches in NC have to attend prior to the season. They go over rule changes and points of emphasis.

This year, they told us that the definition of a bunt attempt was changed to required the bat to be withdrawn from the zone in order to take a pitch… UMM.. DUH!!! That’s always been a rule, it’s not different. Oh and pitchers can only have 1 ½ clockwise revolutions in her windup… again, DUH… I want to know what pitcher did 2 + revolutions! I mean come on, this is common sense, knowledge of the game type stuff.

 I did, however, find it fun to sit and chat with my old high school basketball and softball coach who was in attendance. Basically the meeting is for coaches to come and scope out the competition for coach of the year and see if any other coaches you play against will let some team short-coming slip. I plant false rumors about my team… I said that I only have 3 girls who have ever played before, so it’s going to be interesting this year. Haha sad thing is, that’s not such a big fabrication…

 As soon as the meeting was over, the umpires had their annual meeting… I passed my “favorite” umpire… the one who likes to throw me out of games. I shouldn’t have even been restricted to the dugout last year… I went up to him and told him the pitcher was pitching illegally and he needs to watch it because that puts my girls at a disadvantage… well he didn’t do a darn thing, so I told him and the base ump again… only not so nice.

 Then he started calling balls for my pitcher when they were obvious strikes so I take it personally and start yelling at my girls, which they’ve come to expect. I yell at them about the ump… that usually gets me out of being tossed. See, if you are not looking at the ump, you can say anything you like about him, without saying “blue,” “ump,” “lardo,” “Mr. Lens Crafters,” or “that stupid piece of BEEP.”

I just turn my back and yell at my girls about how bad they are being treated and how ashamed I am of the NFHS for allowing such a travesty. And how, obviously, this guy has never played the game before so he doesn’t know a strike from his left, well… you know. Or how this guy probably couldn’t cut it as a college or minor league ump so he had to settle and now he’s just sadistic. Ok, so I get carried away during softball games, but that’s what makes life worth living, right?


FINAL WHISPER: I was actually nice to the ump at the meeting. I held the door open for him and smiled. This year my goal is to not get tossed… or only get tossed once. We’ll see how things go.

There isn’t much going on in Yankees Universe, so sorry for the lack of useful Yankees knowledge in this post.

OH… I almost forgot. Joe Torre’s book comes out tomorrow. I’m thinking of camping out at B&N. Just Kidding! I’m not one to make rash decisions, so I’m going to wait until after I read “The Yankee Years” before I write Joe Torre off as Benedict Torre. I’m actually excited to read it, Joe never revealed his emotions on the bench, so it will be interesting to see exactly what he was thinking. I think it is sad that a few quotes have been blown out of proportion, but I guess it was just blown to Yankee proportion, right…


Giving up already?

The new year has come and gone and my first bit of temptation to break one of my new year’s resolutions manifested itself today.  If you forgot my New Year’s resolutions, you can refresh your memory here.

No, I didn’t crack an A-Rod/Madonna joke, I went to the Yankees’ team website and saw this…

yankee patch.jpgThe one New Year resolution that I was actually serious about (or thought that I could stick with) was to “stand strong and not buy every single novelty first season patch, coin, dirt, etc.”

Now, I’m not a shoppaholic, although, I do enjoy a good shopping spree on the Don Edy Hardy website every once in a while… But, seriously, I’ve got to have this patch. Maybe I’ll buy a framed picture of the old stadium and the new one with the patch in the frame? OOO or maybe it will have the last season patch and the inaugural season patch too!!! For starters,  maybe a tee shirt?

I’ve got to do something to control these urges, but every time I go to Yankees.com I’ll be face-to-face with my temptation. Help me out here guys! Should I just give in? At least it’s a cool looking logo. I feel sorry for Mets fanatics… they have to sport this thing for a year!

met logo.jpgHmm… I wonder how much dirt from the new stadium will cost? Maybe I can go on a tour of the new stadium and just scoop some up off the warning track like I did at the old one. While I’m at it, I’ll get me some grass too. I’ll have to bring a small pair of scissors with me to cut the grass… I don’t want to uproot any of the sod. Just kidding… I’m not going to do this, so please don’t arrest me if stealing dirt is a crime (I assume it is since they sale it).
tzun433l.jpg On a different note (well sort of), the local radio station I listen to (107.9 WLKN) had their mid-day show on with Candy and Potter (a hilarious married couple). Candy and Potter brought up this story about a woman who went to rehab because she was addicted to Pop, Soda, Coke (what ever you like to call it). Then they had people call in and say what they need to go to rehab for. Well, I had to call in and share my Yankees addiction with the Charlotte Metro area. I usually don’t call in to stations, but it was just so true that I just had to.

Final Whisper: What are you all addicted to? Is it Yankees baseball like me?


Baseball Nerdish as Always,