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Mental Vomit

Well, here I am again… about to make an excuse about why its been a while since my last blog. Truth is, I’ve been very busy and for good reason. Midterms have been going on for the past week and a half. I have one more to take on Thursday then spring break begins! So far, I’ve made a 100, 100, 93, and 90. So I guess all that studying paid off (and yes I am bragging because this is the first time in my 2 ½ years of college that I’ve made a 100 on tests) Anyway, I’d just be writing about A-Rod anyway… so you didn’t miss much haha

So, this blog is going to be a mixture of things, a mental vomit of sorts…

Alex Rodriguez

Who else could I start with? I actually uttered the words “I feel sorry for Alex” a few times on the past few episodes of A Show of Their Own. Whoa, did I really say that? I mean this is the guy I HATED when he first came to New York. I felt like he was going to push Jeter to the side and become the new golden boy (gee how wrong I was). Seriously though, I was so mad when A-Rod first came to NY, then when I realized he wasn’t going to steal Jeter’s job I was ok with him… then I started to hate him again after the Toronto stripper incident, because I think Cynthia Rodriguez (or whatever she calls herself now) is the coolest baseball wife ever. Then all was forgiven again with Alex. Now, I’m hurt he did steroids and lied, but I feel bad for him at the same time. This guy just cannot catch a break. Truth is, if he would have told the truth this would have all blown over a lot faster, but he decided to lie and he should know journalists are always in pursuit of the truth and they will uncover it… geez Alex come on!

All that being said, I think I had a pretty decent rant about Alex on the last two episodes of A Show of Their Own. Since I cant remember what all I said, I’d urge you to go take a listen… you’re bound to disagree with me, but maybe you agree who knows.

Alex has hired another guy to manage this circus… Alex look at me in the eyes right now… JUST HIRE ME AND I WILL FIX EVERYTHING, HEY I KNOW WE ARE IN A RESESSION, I’LL WORK FOR FREE! Seriously Alex, I can help plus it would look good for you to hire me, just think about it. I’ve given him so much free positive press I think he owes me, just kidding. Brian Cashman

I understand that baseball is a business. I also understand that if you want your “assets” to do well, you need to act like you give a crap about them. How COLD was Cash-money at the press conference? True, Alex’s fake crying did see contrived, but still… show the guy and the media that you support him. Put your hand on his shoulder for a millisecond or something GAH!!! It just seems very counterproductive to me. Cash-money knows that Alex needs others to like him and he needs the affection of others, Alex needed cash-money to show some sympathy towards the situation rather than just sitting there looking like an evil puffed up bullfrog. And what is this “asset” deal? He’s still a human being, cash… sooo sooo cold. Poor Alex (see, this is why I feel bad for the cheater). FYI: Bald Vinny has a hilarious shirt about Alex if you are anti-alex or anti-cheater or just find this whole situation hilarious. http://baldvinny.com/

Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is the media KING. Seriously, he will never look bad in the media, unless he does something stupid during a game, other than that… Jeter can do no wrong basically. So, Jeter is mad at Alex, but supports him at the first time. And this is not a steroid era… not everyone is doing it. I don’t think everyone is doing it, but there is a high enough percentage that is… other wise this whole congress messing with baseball wouldn’t exist. Whatever… I’m so over steroids. I just want to get back to baseball, please for sake of the game!

Nick Swisher

Is quickly becoming my new favorite Yankee! I think he’s taking over Giambi’s old role in the clubhouse… clubhouse clown or something like that. I guess its from all those years in easy going Cali, at least that’s what Lisa (girlybaseballchick.mlblogs.com) thinks. Girardi cancelled workouts today and took the guys to play pool… Good for him, finally he’s figuring out that it doesn’t do anyone any good being so serious 100% of the time.

Spring Training

Games start Wednesday! Brett Tomko will be the starter. I’m personally looking forward to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday’s games… Hughes, Kennedy, and Chamberlain will be the respective starters. I’m really keen on Austin Romine. I saw him in Charleston last year and he is a great catcher in my opinion… its just a matter of adjusting to major league pitchers. But that’s not to say he will be with the Yankees anytime soon… he’s got a lot of time to develop and such.


FINAL WHISPER: I’m addicted to XtraNormal.com now… you can all thank Jane for my stupid videos haha just kidding. Seriously though, I got another one on the way…

Oh, For all you Joey Salvia fans out there, Joey will be appearing on The Brew and Bill Show tonight at 10pm, so go to BrewandBillShow.com for more information!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,



I’m sorry I couldn’t stop myself…

Jane was right. I shouldn’t have promised not to post any more A-rod stuff. I saw Jane’s video and couldn’t control my laughter, so I made one too… http://www.xtranormal.com/players/jwplayer.swf

Social Experiement: Yankees, A-Rod, & Jeter

It’s been exactly 4 days since my last post. Nope, I’m not neglecting my responsibility as a blogger… I was busy conducting a social experiment concerning A-Rod.

My “experiment” first started out as just my way of facing the “media” myself then the idea of a social experiment came to mind.

Sunday, on “A Show of Their Own” we interviewed Jane Heller and began to discuss how baseball is more than just a sport to a lot of people. It’s an escape from all the gloom and doom people face in their everyday lives.

I was very bummed out about the news concerning Alex. How could this be happening to me again? It wasn’t enough that my favorite pitcher took HGH… Everything is just piling up.

So, I wrote to all of you and shared my opinion on how Alex should address the media and his fans in a prompt manner so we can all “move on.”

Well, as a Yankee fan, I felt it was time for me to come clean; to face the music and my peers. I didn’t want to throw my A-Rod shirt away because of this. I decided I should get the ridicule over with fast by wearing my A-Rod shirt everywhere on Tuesday.

I figured if people were going to say something to me, I might as well get it over with that way when Opening Day comes I can wear my A-Rod shirt (if I so choose).

The Experiment

*** NOTE: NONE of this is made up. All the conversations are real, just edited for your reading pleasure and so MLBlogs will continue to let me post on here. I even took my little voice recorder I use when I’m interviewing people for the school newspaper so I wouldn’t forget anything.

Day One (Monday): I wore a Yankees shirt without a player’s name on it.


got rings shirt.jpgI went to class. Strolled around campus just waiting for someone to say something. Then I went to the mall to stroll around. I walked around in every sporting goods store there was. I figured if someone was going to say something it would be in a sporting goods store. I went with a cocky shirt, hoping that someone would say something about our WS championships..

Day One Results: I passed 13 guy who gave me a “Oh my gosh, this girl isn’t for real” look. Only one stranger actually said something to me. Our convo went like this.

MAN: Did you see what that Yankee player did?

ME: Yes, sir I did.

MAN: Do you believe him

ME: Yes. Do you?

MAN: Well, I just think its good he came clean. So, you still supporting him I reckon.

ME: Yes, at least for 9 more years.

MAN: (Walked away puzzled… wondering why I picked 9 years)



Day Two (Tuesday): I wore my Alex Rodriguez  shirt.


arod shrit.jpgAgain, I went to class. I walked all around campus knowing someone would start something. I went to another mall, with the biggest sporting goods store in it. I went out to dinner with a friend at a sports café type place. I made sure to get up and walk around so people would see my shirt. I wore my hair up also, just so there was no question who I was representing with my shirt.

Day Two Results: Everyone, even the prissy girls and sissy boys who only know A-Rod because of the whole Madonna thing were giving me evil glares. 4 people came up to me and said something. 7 people yelled curse words at me from across the room/road. My favorite was this man (wearing a John Rocker/Braves shirt) who came up to me with his son (who was wearing shorts, a Braves t-shirt, and cleats). I assume the kid just got back from baseball practice. Here was our convo:

MAN: Ma’am, I hate to be rude, but you do know that man on the back of

your shirt did steroids don’t you.

ME: Yes sir, I do.

MAN: Well, I think he’s setting the wrong example for my kid.

ME: Oh, so your son is a Yankees fan (just being a jerk for the fun of it)

MAN: (Bleep) no! I hate them (Beeping) Yankees. A-Rod is a horses (bleep) for taking steroids. He has young fans, how is my son supposed to compete with boys doing steroids?

ME: Well sir, I don’t think your son is playing against A-Rod tomorrow, but I understand your opinion. It does suck that our heroes are, in fact, human. They make mistakes, but as a fan, I’ve got to support my team. Parents should set an example for their children and not rely

on celebrities to raise their kids.

MAN: Even if that means supporting a man who is exactly what’s wrong

with everything in sports.

ME: Alex didn’t create steroids and he’s not the only athlete to use

steroids. He’s just the only notable player on the list.

MAN: Well, its just the wrong message to send to kids.

ME: I know, thank god for prejudice athletes like John Rocker.

MAN: He ain’t prejudice, he just tells it like it is.

ME: Have you ever been to New York?


ME: ok then… (I walked off, sensing that I had made the man mad


Another favorite was this 20 year old guy (who has 3 classes with me) who decided that he wasn’t man enough to say something to my face, so he starts chanting “Cheater, Cheater, Cheater” behind me as I walked to my car. I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me, so I decided to do what any girl would have done, I turned around and gave him the “stink eye.” Well, that was just fuel for him… he then started chanting “Roid Rage, Roid Rage, Roid Rage.” Even though he was a chicken for not saying something to my face, I have to give the guy credit for his creativity.



Day Three (Wednesday): I wore a Derek Jeter shirt today.


jeter jersey.jpgI wondered if people would react better to Jeter, since he has not (to the public’s knowledge) tested positive for steroids. Isn’t sad that I had to type what’s in parenthesis? You just don’t know anymore, but that doesn’t make me like or dislike baseball. Once again, I walked around campus proudly sporting my Jeter gear. I even wore my Derek Jeter seam bracelet. I went to an early movie and to a local (small) sporting goods store.

Day Three Results: People reacted positively to my Jeter shirt. Two women came up to me and said they were Braves fans, but they “absolutely adored Derek Jeter.” They told me that they were mad at A-Rod, but glad Jeter is a “prince.” Yes, they said prince. I still got a few evil looks, but not nearly the amount I got during Day Two. It was sort of an uneventful day. Maybe the news had worn off a bit…


FINAL WHISPER: I faced the music and now feel like I can put this behind me and wear whatever I want to the ballpark this year. What did my experiment teach us? I concluded that people love Jeter, end of story.

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Long blog… but I thought it was worth noting.

I was flipped off 4 times, 6 car horns angrily shouted at me, and I about wrecked my car today.

The day started off like any other. I got up at 4:45am and headed to the gym for my 5am morning workout. Some where between the cardio and weight lifting, it donned on me.

Today is the day! Confessions of a She-Fan and The Yankee Years both come out today!

 I pre-ordered my copy of Confessions of a She-Fan from Amazon. I wasn’t sure if it would make it to my house today or what. I was just praying my copy got to me before the author, Jane Heller, makes her second appearance on “A Show of Their Own.”

We’ve had several authors on the show. I usually buy their book as soon as I know we’ve got them booked, that way I have plenty of time to read it. There is nothing I hate more than not being prepared for an interview. I remember my last interview, I asked this man a question and he answered another question in addition to the one I had asked, but I, for some reason, asked him the other question he had answered right after he finished answering the first question (if that makes sense). I was horrified. I tried to play it off, but I don’t think it was very successful.

Anyway, by the time I finished working out it was 7:30. I decided I would swing by my local book store, because, what book store will not be open at 7:30? Apparently, my local book store does not open until 9:00.

I was going to have to wait until 3pm to get my copy of The Yankee Years. I contemplated skipping my first class to go get my copy, but I remembered I had a paper due. Maybe I could email my paper to my professor… that way I can skip class and still turn in my paper. Nah… I new I had to go to class. So, then I thought to myself, maybe I can cut off early from class and leave after my first class. Oral Interpretation isn’t a class I need to succeed in the real world. And certainly missing one class will not hurt. But, it donned on me that today we were performing our duo scripts. I couldn’t leave my partner out in the cold… he’s a nice guy, who certainly has a future in acting should he choose to go that rout. Maybe I can forego my last class… but I have the same professor from Oral Interp… so, I decided that I would wait.

With every passing minute, wild thoughts ran through my mind….

This is North Carolina… They will not stock Mr. Torre’s book. If Bobby Cox had a book out, I bet the stores would be packed…

Gah, I hate the Braves… Why do I have to live in NC?

I’m going to be the only Yankee fan without a copy…

My local bookstore is small… I bet I’ll have to drive into the “Big” city to find a store that carries it.

What if my copy of Confessions of a She-Fan doesn’t get here until after the interview… how could I miss out on what is sure to be a cult classic?

What if there really are other Yankees fans in North Carolina… what if they buy all the books before I get there?

I was hysterical by noon.


But, after class I called my local bookstore and promptly asked,

“Do you have a copy of The Yankee Years?”

I was shocked at what came next… True story too…

“What genre would this book be under?”

“Umm… what?”

“What type of book is this Ranking Beers? comedy, drama, romance, fiction, non-fiction…”

“I know what the word genre means… the title of the book isn’t Ranking Beers, it’s The Yankee Years


“Sports – Apparently non-fiction. It’s Joe Torre and Tom Verducci’s book. You know the one that everyone on the face of the earth is talking about!”

“Hmm… I’m not sure. So is this like a Harry Potter type thing”

By this point I was pretty sure the man was just trying to annoy me. He knew exactly what I was talking about!

“Yes, it is exactly like Harry Potter only, it’s about the NEW YORK YANKEES and has nothing to do with witches or spells or what ever else is in Harry Potter!!!”

“Okay, let me check…”

((((((He put me on hold. I’m sure he was laughing at the great prank he was able to pull off)))))

“Did the book just come out today?”

“YES sir.”

“Ok then, we have it on our shelves”

“Can you hold a copy for me?”

“We can’t do that”

“I’m on the way right now, I just don’t want anyone to buy the last one before I get there.”

“No one has bought this book all day. We have plenty. Ma’am.”

“ok thank you for your help, bye”


This man must have thought I was nutty. I didn’t live in New York… I guess it slipped my mind. People around here don’t read for fun. Let alone read a book about the Yankees. What was I so worried about?

I went in to the store, and right there, before my eyes were what seemed like 100 or so copies of The Yankee Years. I grabbed one and clutched it in my hand, no one was getting my copy!

I looked around for a copy of Confessions of a She-Fan. I was thinking about buying a copy, although I already ordered one from Amazon. Again, I was terrified my book wouldn’t get to me before we interview Jane. I didn’t see any copies of the book, so I went to the check-out table both happy and defeated.

I bought Mr. Torre’s book. I saw the guy who spoke with me on the phone. I only knew it was him because I recognized his voice. He was on his cell phone complaining to a friend about how his boss was acting weird and he was worried he would get fired. He motioned for an older lady to check me out. And just like that I was on my way.

 I couldn’t wait to get home to read my new book. I walked out of the store with my nose stuck in the book. I walked to my car as I read the book and pretty soon, I was driving down the road reading The Yankee Years.

4 people flipped me off (those are the only ones I saw) because I was driving 35 mph in a 55 mph zone. Hey, at least I was in the outside lane! All the car horns came because I was so engulfed in my book at a red light that I forgot to go once the light turned green… so we all had to sit through the long light again.  Again, this is all a true story… 

Some guy bravely passed me and decided he was going to give me a dose of my own medicine. He decided if I was going to drive slow in front of him, he would do the same to me… I was reading my book and he slows down with out my knowledge. Luckily, I looked up… I had to slam on breaks to avoid a wreck.

When I got home, I met the nice UPS man at my door. He greeted me with my very own copy of Confessions of a She-Fan. Actually, I ordered two copies by mistake. I think I’ll give my second copy away as a prize on “A Show of Their Own” Sunday after we interview Jane.

FINAL WHISPER: I can’t wait to finish both of these books. For obvious reasons I’m going to be reading Jane’s book first. I never knew A-rod (Al) had eyes the color of pistachio… I can’t wait for the interview. To listen to the interview simply join us at www.blogtalkradio.com/ashowoftheirown this Sunday at 9pm EST.

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Wreckless Love

Jane Heller, author of Confessions of a She-Fan: The Course of True Love with the New York Yankees (which will be out in February), was on my radio show (A Show of Their Own) a few weeks ago talking about how her devotion of the Yankees was much like a relationship. She was the fan who wrote to the New York Times in 2007 announcing her divorce from the Yankees.  I can really identify with Jane. I too feel like I’m in a “toxic” relationship with the Yankees. I mean, what do they do for me? I travel hundreds of miles every summer just to see them. I spend thousands of dollars on travel expenses, tickets, memorabilia, and they don’t even invite me to stay the night. They after they are done using me for the night, they quickly shoo me out of the building. They expect me to travel with them, so that they never have to go to a strange, hostile stadium alone.  I, of course, do not want to let them down, so I spend more money to travel with them. I pay extra money for MLB extra innings just to see every inning of every game. I put up with stupid Red Sox fans and the masses of Braves fans that surround me. They also turn me into a walking billboard for their cause.  Now, they tell me, they are going to make me pay for their new house. What kind of relationship is that? I’ll tell you, it is a magical, passionate, wonderful relationship. See, even though the Yankees make me do almost everything, they do the most important thing in a relationship. They make me happy. Even though they had an “off” year this year, I still had a fun trip with them. I met many great Yankee fans this year. I started my own internet radio show all about the Yankees, I started my own blog devoted to the Yankees, I got my first taste of color commentating, and I did my first television interview (I was on FSN Kansas talking about how wonderful Yankee Stadium is/was). I thrive off the Yankees. They bring me to life. I’m known around my community as “The Yankees Fan” and I like that. I don’t want to say the Yankees have been the one constant in my life, because I have great parents and they are always there for me, but the Yankees… they are my constant in social settings, I guess I could say that. I’m very shy by nature so the Yankees give me an outlet to speak unapologetically and to anyone who will listen. I’d never speak to someone I didn’t know, but if that stranger has a Yankees apparel on, I’ll usually speak. See, the relationship I have with the Yankees is more like a brotherhood… or sisterhood I should say.  Yea, ok… Red Sox have their “nation,” but the Yankees have Yankees Universe! Yankees baseball surpasses any language barrier. Ok, not really, but it could.  I’ll gladly pay thousands of dollars to support my Yankees and I’ll gladly swoon over the latest acquisitions, and I’ll probably get depressed a little over the trades, but in the end, the Yankees will be there for me and I’ll be there for them. I sound like a bad episode of the Steve Wilkos show with the headline: “My husband hit me, cheated on me, and never pays for a date, but I LOVE him.”  The Yankees hit me (in the wallet), they (Giambi, Clemens, Pettitte) cheated on me with steroids, and they never pay for me to go visit them, but still, I love them.



Final Whisperer: Title courtesy of Alicia Keys. If you want to hear my interview with Jane Heller go to:



Baseball Nerdish as Always,