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“A Show of Their Own” 50th episode on Sunday



When I first started “A Show of Their Own” I never thought it would catch on like it has. We’ve got hundreds of listeners and that still amazes me to this day. I can’t imagine why anyone would care to hear my Yankees opinions, but I’m not complaining.

The show has helped me meet so many wonderful people. The family, that is Yankees Universe, is an amazing thing to be a part of and I feel honored to be a member. We’ve still got a long way to go to make our show the best, but it’s a fun process. We’ve had some great guests on the show and we have the best listeners out there, I’m convinced. 

We’ve had groups of people come in our show’s chat room and go, only to be replaced by another equally awesome group. It really makes me proud to call myself a Yankees fan and know that I’m surrounded by so many other hardcore fans!

I couldn’t ask for a better co-host, Bern is great. She works so hard and I just couldnt be happier she’s on the show with me. We’re to the point now were we can banter on air and not take it personally or get offended. That’s great. I admit, at first I was afriad to argue… And Kary, what can I say about Kary… he took us under his wing and made some great call sweeps, music beds, and segment intros for us. He’s the real radio guy in all this and I’m so greatful for all he’s done for us.

Thanks so much to everyone who listens each week!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,



Giving up already?

The new year has come and gone and my first bit of temptation to break one of my new year’s resolutions manifested itself today.  If you forgot my New Year’s resolutions, you can refresh your memory here.

No, I didn’t crack an A-Rod/Madonna joke, I went to the Yankees’ team website and saw this…

yankee patch.jpgThe one New Year resolution that I was actually serious about (or thought that I could stick with) was to “stand strong and not buy every single novelty first season patch, coin, dirt, etc.”

Now, I’m not a shoppaholic, although, I do enjoy a good shopping spree on the Don Edy Hardy website every once in a while… But, seriously, I’ve got to have this patch. Maybe I’ll buy a framed picture of the old stadium and the new one with the patch in the frame? OOO or maybe it will have the last season patch and the inaugural season patch too!!! For starters,  maybe a tee shirt?

I’ve got to do something to control these urges, but every time I go to Yankees.com I’ll be face-to-face with my temptation. Help me out here guys! Should I just give in? At least it’s a cool looking logo. I feel sorry for Mets fanatics… they have to sport this thing for a year!

met logo.jpgHmm… I wonder how much dirt from the new stadium will cost? Maybe I can go on a tour of the new stadium and just scoop some up off the warning track like I did at the old one. While I’m at it, I’ll get me some grass too. I’ll have to bring a small pair of scissors with me to cut the grass… I don’t want to uproot any of the sod. Just kidding… I’m not going to do this, so please don’t arrest me if stealing dirt is a crime (I assume it is since they sale it).
tzun433l.jpg On a different note (well sort of), the local radio station I listen to (107.9 WLKN) had their mid-day show on with Candy and Potter (a hilarious married couple). Candy and Potter brought up this story about a woman who went to rehab because she was addicted to Pop, Soda, Coke (what ever you like to call it). Then they had people call in and say what they need to go to rehab for. Well, I had to call in and share my Yankees addiction with the Charlotte Metro area. I usually don’t call in to stations, but it was just so true that I just had to.

Final Whisper: What are you all addicted to? Is it Yankees baseball like me?


Baseball Nerdish as Always,