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You are no long in the running for Yankees next top long reliever…

Pitching has been the main topic this off season for the Yankees, and for good reason… Well, pitching and A-Rod, but that’s a given. So, what will I blog about today… A-Rod or Pitching?

I’m sick of writing about A-Rod, that blogging ship has sailed for the time being… So, lets move on to the pitchers.

There is no denying the fact that I love me some Phil Hughes… read this blog, listen to my show, its pretty evident. Anyway… Phil Hughes has been cut and optioned to minor league spring training with the SWB Yankees. Am I mad about this move? You would think so since I’m Pro-Hughes, but I’m not…



In the picture above… Phil is what Tyra would call FIERCE


I understand the value of Hughes being down in the minors. He needs to be down in the minors actually. He and Kennedy should have never been called up in the first place. They were way too young and inexperienced. Sure, they had some highlights, but for the most part, they did… no so great.

Both guys need some time to mature and grow as pitchers in the minors. Sure, some of my feelings are purely selfish, I admit I hope Hughes is with the SWB Yankees for the first 2 weeks of June, so I can see him close up in Charlotte. Selfish, I know, but he needs the work in the minors to build his self back up after a horrible year last year in the majors.

I’m not saying he needs to be in the minors the entire year, but he doesn’t need to have a starting position in the rotation handed to him at the age of 22. Neither does Ian Kennedy. Bad, bad, bad, decision on the Yankees part last year. Make them at least think they have to fight for a spot, don’t just fork it over.

SIDE NOTE: Ian Kennedy makes more money that Phil Hughes… yea, that’s what I said. Either the Yankees have gone crazy, Kennedy has one heck of an agent, or Hughes has one sucky agent… whatever the case, I’m pretty upset about that one.


SUCKS.jpgIn other pitching news…
Kei Igawa has yet to be cut. He’s thrown 12 and some odd innings of scoreless baseball. WOW big friggin’ whoop, IT’S SPRING TRAINING!!!

I think this is it… this is the golden opportunity all Yankees fans have been waiting for since we realized Igawa was, how do you say… “not very good.” Can you tell I’m excited about this! His own countrymen think he sucks, I would think they would know better than us. Cashman either got some crazy awful scouting reports on Igawa or Igawa fooled everyone… either way it could be a conspiracy (just saying).

I was talking to my man, Bill and we both agreed, Igawa could be sent to the NL and be pretty successful. I think Igawa will be another Jose Contreras, suck while he’s with the Yankees and beast it out when he goes to another team. Trade him to an NL West team and he could be a 10-15 game winner.

mike224(2).jpgNow, all of this brings me to my next point… I’ve heard rumors that the Yankees are opening talks back up with the Milwaukee Brewers to get some trade done to bring Mike Cameron to New York… could they be thinking of trading Igawa? Now, granted that’s the NL Central, but it’s still the NL (not trying to start anything with NL fans, I’m just an AL girl…)
Brett.jpgOn to Mike Cameron, I’m not a fan of mediocre, middle aged outfielders, even though (again, my guy Bill says) Cameron has some mad range. I think Swish and Gardy can get it done in CF. I’m sorry I know Gardy is probably a quadruple-A player, but I love that dude. So much heart… I guess it’s the high school softball coach side of me that loves Gardy. When I have a girl who plays her heart out, even if she’s not the best on the team, she’s getting playing time!



Yes, I know this pic has nothing to do with anything, but I couldnt resist…

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Long blog… but I thought it was worth noting.

I was flipped off 4 times, 6 car horns angrily shouted at me, and I about wrecked my car today.

The day started off like any other. I got up at 4:45am and headed to the gym for my 5am morning workout. Some where between the cardio and weight lifting, it donned on me.

Today is the day! Confessions of a She-Fan and The Yankee Years both come out today!

 I pre-ordered my copy of Confessions of a She-Fan from Amazon. I wasn’t sure if it would make it to my house today or what. I was just praying my copy got to me before the author, Jane Heller, makes her second appearance on “A Show of Their Own.”

We’ve had several authors on the show. I usually buy their book as soon as I know we’ve got them booked, that way I have plenty of time to read it. There is nothing I hate more than not being prepared for an interview. I remember my last interview, I asked this man a question and he answered another question in addition to the one I had asked, but I, for some reason, asked him the other question he had answered right after he finished answering the first question (if that makes sense). I was horrified. I tried to play it off, but I don’t think it was very successful.

Anyway, by the time I finished working out it was 7:30. I decided I would swing by my local book store, because, what book store will not be open at 7:30? Apparently, my local book store does not open until 9:00.

I was going to have to wait until 3pm to get my copy of The Yankee Years. I contemplated skipping my first class to go get my copy, but I remembered I had a paper due. Maybe I could email my paper to my professor… that way I can skip class and still turn in my paper. Nah… I new I had to go to class. So, then I thought to myself, maybe I can cut off early from class and leave after my first class. Oral Interpretation isn’t a class I need to succeed in the real world. And certainly missing one class will not hurt. But, it donned on me that today we were performing our duo scripts. I couldn’t leave my partner out in the cold… he’s a nice guy, who certainly has a future in acting should he choose to go that rout. Maybe I can forego my last class… but I have the same professor from Oral Interp… so, I decided that I would wait.

With every passing minute, wild thoughts ran through my mind….

This is North Carolina… They will not stock Mr. Torre’s book. If Bobby Cox had a book out, I bet the stores would be packed…

Gah, I hate the Braves… Why do I have to live in NC?

I’m going to be the only Yankee fan without a copy…

My local bookstore is small… I bet I’ll have to drive into the “Big” city to find a store that carries it.

What if my copy of Confessions of a She-Fan doesn’t get here until after the interview… how could I miss out on what is sure to be a cult classic?

What if there really are other Yankees fans in North Carolina… what if they buy all the books before I get there?

I was hysterical by noon.


But, after class I called my local bookstore and promptly asked,

“Do you have a copy of The Yankee Years?”

I was shocked at what came next… True story too…

“What genre would this book be under?”

“Umm… what?”

“What type of book is this Ranking Beers? comedy, drama, romance, fiction, non-fiction…”

“I know what the word genre means… the title of the book isn’t Ranking Beers, it’s The Yankee Years


“Sports – Apparently non-fiction. It’s Joe Torre and Tom Verducci’s book. You know the one that everyone on the face of the earth is talking about!”

“Hmm… I’m not sure. So is this like a Harry Potter type thing”

By this point I was pretty sure the man was just trying to annoy me. He knew exactly what I was talking about!

“Yes, it is exactly like Harry Potter only, it’s about the NEW YORK YANKEES and has nothing to do with witches or spells or what ever else is in Harry Potter!!!”

“Okay, let me check…”

((((((He put me on hold. I’m sure he was laughing at the great prank he was able to pull off)))))

“Did the book just come out today?”

“YES sir.”

“Ok then, we have it on our shelves”

“Can you hold a copy for me?”

“We can’t do that”

“I’m on the way right now, I just don’t want anyone to buy the last one before I get there.”

“No one has bought this book all day. We have plenty. Ma’am.”

“ok thank you for your help, bye”


This man must have thought I was nutty. I didn’t live in New York… I guess it slipped my mind. People around here don’t read for fun. Let alone read a book about the Yankees. What was I so worried about?

I went in to the store, and right there, before my eyes were what seemed like 100 or so copies of The Yankee Years. I grabbed one and clutched it in my hand, no one was getting my copy!

I looked around for a copy of Confessions of a She-Fan. I was thinking about buying a copy, although I already ordered one from Amazon. Again, I was terrified my book wouldn’t get to me before we interview Jane. I didn’t see any copies of the book, so I went to the check-out table both happy and defeated.

I bought Mr. Torre’s book. I saw the guy who spoke with me on the phone. I only knew it was him because I recognized his voice. He was on his cell phone complaining to a friend about how his boss was acting weird and he was worried he would get fired. He motioned for an older lady to check me out. And just like that I was on my way.

 I couldn’t wait to get home to read my new book. I walked out of the store with my nose stuck in the book. I walked to my car as I read the book and pretty soon, I was driving down the road reading The Yankee Years.

4 people flipped me off (those are the only ones I saw) because I was driving 35 mph in a 55 mph zone. Hey, at least I was in the outside lane! All the car horns came because I was so engulfed in my book at a red light that I forgot to go once the light turned green… so we all had to sit through the long light again.  Again, this is all a true story… 

Some guy bravely passed me and decided he was going to give me a dose of my own medicine. He decided if I was going to drive slow in front of him, he would do the same to me… I was reading my book and he slows down with out my knowledge. Luckily, I looked up… I had to slam on breaks to avoid a wreck.

When I got home, I met the nice UPS man at my door. He greeted me with my very own copy of Confessions of a She-Fan. Actually, I ordered two copies by mistake. I think I’ll give my second copy away as a prize on “A Show of Their Own” Sunday after we interview Jane.

FINAL WHISPER: I can’t wait to finish both of these books. For obvious reasons I’m going to be reading Jane’s book first. I never knew A-rod (Al) had eyes the color of pistachio… I can’t wait for the interview. To listen to the interview simply join us at www.blogtalkradio.com/ashowoftheirown this Sunday at 9pm EST.

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


Failure is Inevitable


Charlie Hayes ones said “The thing that sets Derek [Jeter] apart is that he’s not afraid to fail.” Maybe we should all take a tip from Derek and truly not be afraid to fail. Derek is childlike in this respect. He, like young children, is fearless; he does not worry about failure because he does not expect to fail. It’s as if he cannot fully grasp the concept of failure.

From a young age my dad taught me the value of winning and losing. No matter what we played he would not let me win, he refused to let me win. It sounds mean, but it really helped me in life. Dad’s refusal of letting me win made me the competitive person, player, and coach that I am today. As a child, it never crossed my mind that I would always lose against my dad, rather, I always saw it as an opportunity to win. I was fearless, failure never crossed my mind. Maybe it was because I was accustom to the losses or I was just driven to beat my dad. Losing endless games of checkers, one-on-one, board games, jeopardy, golf against my dad made me appreciate winning when I started playing softball and basketball. I want to win no matter what I’m playing. I like who I am and my competitive nature.

As we grow up though, we lose that fearlessness. We start to think not in terms of how great it will be to succeed, but how bad it will feel to fail. In my life I’ve used my fear of failure to motivate me. I’ve always wanted go to college, get a great job, be able to support my family and parents. I know failure will happen, take Yankees legend, Babe Ruth, for example; His nickname is the Sultan of Swat for crying out loud, yet he struck out a whapping 1,330 times. No player has ever gotten a hit every at bat. The greatest hitter to ever live, Ted Williams, only had a .344 career batting average, that’s a long way away from a perfect 1.00.

Failure is inevitable, but it’s what you learn from failing that makes you a better person. We as people are always reinventing ourselves, after failing we make adjustments and continue on in our pursuit for success. It’s like when a batter is in a slump. He will change his batting stance until he finds something that works.

If Derek Jeter had quit playing baseball the first time he struck out, his career would have been over before it even got started. Someone once said the greatest failure of all is not trying. If at once you don’t succeed, try, try again. Derek didn’t give up after his first strike out, he learned from it and is now one of the most clutch hitters in all of baseball. I never gave up trying to beat my dad and today, I beat my dad at a round of golf.


Final Whisper: Ahh the wonderful lessons I’ve learned from Yankees baseball

Baseball Nerdish as Always,