About The Yankees Baseball Whisperer

<![CDATA[ I have been called the Dr. Phil of fans, the Cesar Millan of Yankees baseball. OK, I called myself that, but that’s a different story.

My name is Brittany (Brit). I’m a student at Wingate University in North Carolina. I’m studying broadcast communications. I hope to one day take over Michael Kay’s various jobs, or join him as his equally talented co-host (but I have some work to do before that).

3 things in life consume me… Baseball, coaching softball, and this blog. Mainly, I blame it on the Yankees. I watch baseball because of the Yankees; I coach softball because it’s the closest I can get to being Joe Torre, and I write this blog because I like to write about the Yankees and network.

I’m a baseball nerd. I study baseball. I take notes during games. Not just ordinary game notes, but notes on EVERYTHING, from what the weather is like, the game itself, the plays, the umpires’ tendencies, the broadcasters, all that good stuff. I’m the only person I know who keeps score at home! Baseball is my drug… or anti-drug or something like that.

I was born and raised in North Carolina, not far from the Queen City (Charlotte, NC). I’ve been a Yankees fan all my life. My first word was “baseball.” My dad is the main reason I’m a Yankees fan. He’s always been a fan so therefore, I’m a fan. I’m surrounded by Braves fans who think I’m turning my back on my heritage. To those people I say, SO — Actually no, I’m not turning my back or saying one is better than the other, I’m just saying I respect the Yankees and that’s my team… it doesn’t matter where they are located, it’s the tradition, the valor, THE PRIDE, THE POWER, THE PINSTRIPES!

Suzyn Waldman and Michael Kay are my heroes.

That’s about it…

To contact me, email: ASOTObrit@yahoo.com


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