Just kidding, but for real this time…

Hey Everyone!

I bet you never thought you’d see me here… Sorry for the lack of posting. I’m serious this time though, I’m really going to start posting more on this site! I’ve just been doing a lot of traveling this summer and now that summer is coming to a screeching halt, I’m going to resume blogging.

So, tell ya kids, tell ya wife,  friends, and random strangers  to come on back and read my blog (comments always welcome)!  I’ll actually have a brand spankin’ new blog post up for you all to enjoy later today (I promise no more blogs apologizing for my lack of posting). Yankees/Red Sox style of course!

Also, feel free to visit my new blog “Queen of Diamonds” @ http://queenofdiamonds.mlblogs.com

The idea behind my new blog, “Queen of Diamonds” is that since I travel all over going to baseball games, I might as well blog about each stadium I go to and give my readers the inside scoop. I’ve been traveling all over America in the pursuit to go to every single baseball stadium… from MLB, MiLB, Independent League, to College baseball.   I’m working on a memoir with the same sort of concept and a novel as well that’s based around baseball. I’m hoping to get the novel published in a year or so… the memoir is going to have to wait until I get to more parks.

Tell your friends about my new blog, feel free to link to my new blog and email me @ asotobrit@gmail.com and I’ll add you to my blogroll as well.

See you all back here shortly!


Baseball Nerdish as Always,



Quick Update

It’s been a while since I wrote my last blog. And if memory serves me correctly, I proclaimed that I’d start writing more blogs… what can I say? That’s life some times. In all seriousness… I went on vacation the day after I wrote my last blog and just haven’t been able to get back into the swing of things. I’m slowly working back into my groove, so don’t worry… I haven’t forgotten about this blog! I have several ideas for blogs, I just have to find some time to sit down and write!

Epic Arm meets Epic Fail

Tonight the Yankees take on Rockies. They’ll be on MLB Network for all you Yankee fans outside of the YES Network broadcasting area.  AJ Burnett will take the mound for the Yankees and  Ubaldo Jimenez will take the mound for the Rockies. I’m not going to lie, I’m not looking forward to seeing Jimenez on the mound.  I’d much rather watch him on a commercial thumbing through toy licence plates… I have no desire to see his “epic arm” throwing to Yankees. And I would rather have someone else pitching against Jimenez… I’m not going to lie, I have little faith in AJ because he’s been nothing short of a rollercoaster pitcher since coming to New York. Maybe AJ is more of an Epic Fail… the jury is still out.

Tonight’s line-up

1. Gardner LF   — Gardner apparently moved a few steps closer to the plate and since doing so he’s been on fire at the plate. Gardner is my fellow Carolinian now in the Big City, so I cheer for him a little louder than normal.  I look forward to seeing Gardner take on Jimenez tonight.
2. Granderson CF — The Grandy Man is one of my favorite Yankees, he’s been on fire this year. It seems like when all of our heavy hitters are slumping, Granderson is right there picking up the slack. If anyone can get to Jimenez, I think it will be him.
3. Teixeira 1B — When my softball girls would come to me before games with concerns about the opposing pitcher because she “throws hard,” I always told them “the faster they throw, the fast the ball leaves the field.” Tex has a mighty swing. I’d like to see him send a few Tex Messages tonight.
4. Rodriguez 3B — A-Rod has hit .389 in his last ten games.  I’m looking for him to have a break out game, I don’t think tonight’s game will be that break out game I’m looking for, but you never know. He’s numbers have been a bit low this year, but there’s still plenty of time for A-Rod. I’m not worried about him.
5. Cano 2B — Robbie has been on fire lately hitting .410 in his last ten games. He’s done great all year, which is why he’s leading all AL second basemen in All Star votes. Tonight could be a good game for him, as long as he lays off the balls in the dirt he tends to chase.
6. Swisher RF — I think Swisher is going to be a little over powered tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I love him to death… he’s just what the Yankees need in their club house, but I’m not holding my breath on Swish having a big night.
7. Posada DH — JoPo started the season horribly. The entire fight with him and management may or may not have been blown out of proportion… knowing JoPo is very vocal and strong-willed, I doubt it was blown totally out of proportion. Although he’s struggled much of the season, he’s starting to turn things around. I’m so glad he stopped using Nicki Minaj’s song “Moment 4 Life” as his walk-up song… it was starting to depress me because it served as a constant reminder that the end (of his playing days) is near for Posada. When that day comes, I’ll be very sad… it’s just another Yankee gone from the Glory Days, which reminds me how far removed we are from the days of the Yankees Dynasty.
8. Martin C — Martin’s been suffering from a stiff back lately, but he’s back and I couldn’t be happier to have him back. Don’t get me wrong Cervelli, I’m really happy you took time out of your (not so busy) life as a back up catcher’s life to talk to me and sign a baseball, but geez man… can you learn how to throw?  He’s caught less than 10% of the people who try to steal on him… unacceptable! I’m more than happy to have Martin’s bat and arm back in the line-up.
9. Nunez SS — I’ve learned my lesson, I never get attached to call-ups. He’s done fine filling in for Jeter. I’m sure he’ll keep on keeping on…

Unfortunately, I will not be able to watch the game live. I’m going to be heading to the beaches of Delaware for the weekend. Don’t worry about me though, I’ll catch the game on MLB.TV’s condensed game.

In other news, The Star Ledger is reporting that Derek Jeter may not be ready to return from the DL when he becomes eligible to do so on Wednesday. However, Bryan Cashman has gone on record to the Star Ledger as saying,”I can’t say either way,” when asked about the possibility of Jeter not being ready to return.

So… what makes the Star Ledger think Jeter wont be ready? Hmm… maybe they’re just going out on a limb since Jeter is umm, well, sort of , rather… how do I put this nicely… OLD, RUNDOWN, AND SLOW.  Jeter has already slowed down a great deal, this calf injury isn’t exactly what he or the Yankees need right now.

Jeter is six hits away from 3,000 hits. I think he’ll get back on the field as soon as he can. He didn’t want to be put on the DL to begin with. He basically begged the Yankees to keep him off the DL. Oh well, when you’re an aging shortstop, you get put on the DL.

Maybe he’s not going to be ready to return on Wednesday because he’s been busy planning his off-season wedding to Minka Kelly and chilling on the beach with his fiance instead of working out in Tampa… but who knows, maybe he is working hard.

FINAL WHISPER: Any who, since I’m not an old, rehabbing, shortstop multi-millionaire, I’m going to go get packed for the beach and head out. I may or may not be blogging over the weekend… depends on what’s going on.  Enjoy the weekend and the series!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,


P.S. Not that this has anything to do with baseball, but Ron Artest is apparently changing his name to “Metta World Peace,” and you thought OchoCinco was odd. I guess Artest proved you wrong.

Okay, I’m serious this time… I’m back in action!

I know the season is almost half way over, but I’ve got the itch to blog once again!

After weeks of emailing MLBlogs, WordPress, and trying to re-activate an old email account, I was finally able to log back into this blog. I’ve been wanting to blog for weeks now, but like I said before… I had to jump through some hoops.

Last time we left off, the Yankees sucked, A-Rod was kissing himself in mirrors, and I was leaving my radio show “A Show of Their Own” to concentrate on my school work and get away from a self-loving, wannabe Francesa, man-whore (pardon my language).  I’m happy to report that the Yankees are doing much better, A-Rod is more stable, and I’ve graduated from college with a degree in Communications (Broadcast Journalism) since I last blogged. Oh and the self-loving, wannabe Francesa, man-whore is out of my life forever! My former co-host, Bern, and I have been talking recently and are planning on going to some games together this summer.

The Yankees have the day off today after splitting a day-night double header with the Reds.  I’ll be taking some baseball in at Dutchess Stadium tonight to fill the void. Short-season A ball isn’t exactly premier baseball though… either way it’s always a good time at the Dutch!

Final Whisper: To keep in touch with me and see what’s going on in my world, visit my website @ www.BrittanyLMorgan.com  Also, visit me on facebook and twitter!   Please help me get the word out that my site is back up and running!

Back in Action

I haven’t blogged any this season… sorry guys. I went to a million games this past season though and cannot wait to start writing again! School has gotten crazy (I graduate in a week)!

I miss all you guys, so if you’d like to follow me or catch up, feel free to request me on facebook by clicking here
Baseball Nerdish as Always.

My Return to Radio

Wow this past week has been crazy! I’ll fill you all in later, but I wanted to take a quick second and let everyone know that I will be returning to radio! I’ll be one of the two lovely hosts of What’s Brewin’. The show name will eventually change to reflect the changes in hosts, but for now, it’s What’s Brewin’.

Mary, my partner in crime, and I will be live tonight and every Sunday night at 10:00. To listen to the show visit: www.blogtalkradio.com/TBBS

We have a variety of things to talk about tonight and we hope you’ll enjoy! Call in and let us know what you think!

Baseball Nerdish as Always,