Live Blogging Feed: Yankees @ Red Sox

As promised, I’m here blogging live during the game (after a great game of disc golf of course)!

It’s currently the top of the 4th. Let’s recap what’s happened so far…

Top 3: Jeter singles in Nunez making it 1-0 NYY

Bottom 3: Pedrioa grounds out to 3B scoring Scutaro making it a tied game.

Ellsbury scores on a single by Lowrie making it 2-1 BOS

Hughes is pitching for the Yankees today, let’s hope he can put together a decent outing, since the Yankees have officially forfeited tomorrow’s game  AJ Burnett on the mound tomorrow.

More insights to come….


Now that we got through the inning... I want to take a moment to express my 
hatred for people complaining about Cervelli "celebrating" after his homer 
yesterday. Can I remind everyone that EVERY SINGLE ATHLETE ON THE FACE OF 
Seriously, how many times do we have to have this conversation?
It's annoying. People celebrate, if you don't want to get 
shown up, get 'em out!
I really wanted to get some runs that inning. I know there is still enough (not plenty)
time left in the season and I'm aware we're winning the Wild Card,but screw the Wild Card...
The Boss would have never stood for that. I want to win the division outright and eventually
the World Series. Hughes isn't doing half bad right now (I hope I didn't just jinx him).
Okay, so Gonzales got a 2 out single... ugh I really hate that the Red Sox got him. 
Let's get out Ortiz here and go score some runs... I'm starting to think I jinxed Hughes.
Ortiz helped Hughes out on that one... he had a good rip on it, but was just a bit under it.
(Insert Curse Words Here) I hate Ortiz... okay, so I don't hate Ortiz (it's physically impossible,
he's just so likable... like Swish). I definitely jinxed Hughes, but he got out of it and we're
only down by 3. Not too long ago I was at the game against the A's were we erupted for 22 runs.
We can still win....
During the inning change, take a moment to look at these pics. Deadspin found some pretty
nerdy pics of our captain.
Alright Tex and Cano! Way to come through for us. 4-2 Red Sox, but
we're inching back into it. Swisher has been on fire lately, but
works a walk here. I think we've got something going here.
BTW... I hate Josh Beckett. He just looks like an arrogant jerk. 
I'd love to just slap him. 
Nice job by Chavez... Tied the game with that double (advanced to third). 
Nice job tagging up by Chavez. Yankees take a 5-4 lead. 
Told you guys we were still in it. Aceves is warming up in the bullpen 
for the Red Sox. He looks so different from when he was with the Yankees... 
like an entirely different person (odd). Another side note: I've always 
hated Ellsbury. It's not that he's ever done anything to me, but his 
father should not be allowed to speak. Ellsbury apparently was dating
Ms. Boston or Ms.America (I forget which one) and his father told 
the media Ellsbury will be dating Ms. Universe soon because he's
going to be such a big deal in Boston. SMH
That was a cheap hit. Red Sox tie the game at 5 all. I think this will 
be the last inning for Hughes. He's falling apart pretty quickly, not that
he's doing bad, but bad enough. Now Girardi is coming out to pull Hughes. 
Thank You Girardi.

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