Social Experiement: Yankees, A-Rod, & Jeter

It’s been exactly 4 days since my last post. Nope, I’m not neglecting my responsibility as a blogger… I was busy conducting a social experiment concerning A-Rod.

My “experiment” first started out as just my way of facing the “media” myself then the idea of a social experiment came to mind.

Sunday, on “A Show of Their Own” we interviewed Jane Heller and began to discuss how baseball is more than just a sport to a lot of people. It’s an escape from all the gloom and doom people face in their everyday lives.

I was very bummed out about the news concerning Alex. How could this be happening to me again? It wasn’t enough that my favorite pitcher took HGH… Everything is just piling up.

So, I wrote to all of you and shared my opinion on how Alex should address the media and his fans in a prompt manner so we can all “move on.”

Well, as a Yankee fan, I felt it was time for me to come clean; to face the music and my peers. I didn’t want to throw my A-Rod shirt away because of this. I decided I should get the ridicule over with fast by wearing my A-Rod shirt everywhere on Tuesday.

I figured if people were going to say something to me, I might as well get it over with that way when Opening Day comes I can wear my A-Rod shirt (if I so choose).

The Experiment

*** NOTE: NONE of this is made up. All the conversations are real, just edited for your reading pleasure and so MLBlogs will continue to let me post on here. I even took my little voice recorder I use when I’m interviewing people for the school newspaper so I wouldn’t forget anything.

Day One (Monday): I wore a Yankees shirt without a player’s name on it.


got rings shirt.jpgI went to class. Strolled around campus just waiting for someone to say something. Then I went to the mall to stroll around. I walked around in every sporting goods store there was. I figured if someone was going to say something it would be in a sporting goods store. I went with a cocky shirt, hoping that someone would say something about our WS championships..

Day One Results: I passed 13 guy who gave me a “Oh my gosh, this girl isn’t for real” look. Only one stranger actually said something to me. Our convo went like this.

MAN: Did you see what that Yankee player did?

ME: Yes, sir I did.

MAN: Do you believe him

ME: Yes. Do you?

MAN: Well, I just think its good he came clean. So, you still supporting him I reckon.

ME: Yes, at least for 9 more years.

MAN: (Walked away puzzled… wondering why I picked 9 years)



Day Two (Tuesday): I wore my Alex Rodriguez  shirt.


arod shrit.jpgAgain, I went to class. I walked all around campus knowing someone would start something. I went to another mall, with the biggest sporting goods store in it. I went out to dinner with a friend at a sports café type place. I made sure to get up and walk around so people would see my shirt. I wore my hair up also, just so there was no question who I was representing with my shirt.

Day Two Results: Everyone, even the prissy girls and sissy boys who only know A-Rod because of the whole Madonna thing were giving me evil glares. 4 people came up to me and said something. 7 people yelled curse words at me from across the room/road. My favorite was this man (wearing a John Rocker/Braves shirt) who came up to me with his son (who was wearing shorts, a Braves t-shirt, and cleats). I assume the kid just got back from baseball practice. Here was our convo:

MAN: Ma’am, I hate to be rude, but you do know that man on the back of

your shirt did steroids don’t you.

ME: Yes sir, I do.

MAN: Well, I think he’s setting the wrong example for my kid.

ME: Oh, so your son is a Yankees fan (just being a jerk for the fun of it)

MAN: (Bleep) no! I hate them (Beeping) Yankees. A-Rod is a horses (bleep) for taking steroids. He has young fans, how is my son supposed to compete with boys doing steroids?

ME: Well sir, I don’t think your son is playing against A-Rod tomorrow, but I understand your opinion. It does suck that our heroes are, in fact, human. They make mistakes, but as a fan, I’ve got to support my team. Parents should set an example for their children and not rely

on celebrities to raise their kids.

MAN: Even if that means supporting a man who is exactly what’s wrong

with everything in sports.

ME: Alex didn’t create steroids and he’s not the only athlete to use

steroids. He’s just the only notable player on the list.

MAN: Well, its just the wrong message to send to kids.

ME: I know, thank god for prejudice athletes like John Rocker.

MAN: He ain’t prejudice, he just tells it like it is.

ME: Have you ever been to New York?


ME: ok then… (I walked off, sensing that I had made the man mad


Another favorite was this 20 year old guy (who has 3 classes with me) who decided that he wasn’t man enough to say something to my face, so he starts chanting “Cheater, Cheater, Cheater” behind me as I walked to my car. I would be lying if I said it didn’t bother me, so I decided to do what any girl would have done, I turned around and gave him the “stink eye.” Well, that was just fuel for him… he then started chanting “Roid Rage, Roid Rage, Roid Rage.” Even though he was a chicken for not saying something to my face, I have to give the guy credit for his creativity.



Day Three (Wednesday): I wore a Derek Jeter shirt today.


jeter jersey.jpgI wondered if people would react better to Jeter, since he has not (to the public’s knowledge) tested positive for steroids. Isn’t sad that I had to type what’s in parenthesis? You just don’t know anymore, but that doesn’t make me like or dislike baseball. Once again, I walked around campus proudly sporting my Jeter gear. I even wore my Derek Jeter seam bracelet. I went to an early movie and to a local (small) sporting goods store.

Day Three Results: People reacted positively to my Jeter shirt. Two women came up to me and said they were Braves fans, but they “absolutely adored Derek Jeter.” They told me that they were mad at A-Rod, but glad Jeter is a “prince.” Yes, they said prince. I still got a few evil looks, but not nearly the amount I got during Day Two. It was sort of an uneventful day. Maybe the news had worn off a bit…


FINAL WHISPER: I faced the music and now feel like I can put this behind me and wear whatever I want to the ballpark this year. What did my experiment teach us? I concluded that people love Jeter, end of story.

Baseball Nerdish as Always,




  1. levelboss

    lol, wow some experiment, Brit.. are there many Yankees fans there in the South? i live out West, and i see plenty of Yankees and Red Sox fans here

  2. The Yankees Baseball Whisperer

    Levelboss, We have fair-weather Yankees fans down here. Well, in my opinion. Most people around me are Braves fans.

    King of Cali, I agree, the other names should be released and we can all agree to just move on with our lives.

  3. roshkoch

    Brit, I dunno how your school’s paper is, but if you were at my school, I would definitely encourage you to submit this for an issue. This is outstanding.

    The John Rocker fan is just fulfilling his stereotypical duty as a Rocker fan. Alex is an idiot who gets paid a lot of money to play baseball. John Rocker is just an idiot.

    Rosh Koch //

    PS – PRICELESS!!! I just checked out Rocker on Wikipedia for giggles. Here we go with his post-MLB career:

    In late 2006, Rocker was interviewed by the popular sports blog, Deadspin, along with girlfriend Alicia Marie. In the interview, Rocker discussed his “Speak English” campaign, as well as his upcoming book, which has yet to be published. Rocker stated that the book will not be used to try to repair his reputation, but will rather be “more conservative Republican rantings.”

    Also during the interview, Rocker lambasted John Schuerholz, his former general manager with the Braves, calling him, “a real a**hole,” “an imbecile,” “a complete moron,” and “a piece of s**t,” while claiming that “he has the worst case of Little Man Syndrome I’ve ever seen.”

    Rocker went on to say that his antipathy for the GM came after he felt Schuerholz misrepresented him in an arbitration case that Schuerholz eventually won.

    In March 2007, Rocker was implicated in a steroid ring that included Applied Pharmacy of Mobile, Alabama. He was listed on the client list along with 1996 Olympic wrestling gold medalist Kurt Angle.

    Rocker’s publicist, Debi Curzio said that Rocker admitted taking Human Growth Hormone, but only for medical reasons.

    In February 2008 Rocker said in an interview on Atlanta radio stations Rock 100.5 and 680 The Fan, “Bud Selig knew in the year 2000 John Rocker was taking the juice.”

    On January 22, 2009, Rocker was thrown out of an Atlanta hotel’s grand opening after verbally assaulting a local broadcaster.

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